3 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS arrived in Nagoya from Korea_20140127”

  1. It’s so refreshing to see that JKS is always nice and friendly towards his fans. I really love that about him. He truly appreciates his fans!!!! Zikzin always looking great!!!

  2. Korea from Nagoya – Keun Suk is serious, easily distracted from what is happening around him is seemed with the thought elsewhere.
    Let there be the emotions in front of an important event?
    Nagoya form Korea – Keun Suk is happy, smiling, relaxed …
    Let there be successful satisfaction of hard work and memory of a loving and receptive audience?
    After a sustained and successful effort, he deserves to be happy and at peace with himself.
    Dear Keun Suk, you’ve done your duty with all the involvement and with all your soul.
    Your endeavor was honored by the audience that you deserve, a receptive audience, devoted and loving. An audience who respect your work and your talent.
    Those who do not appreciate and do not respect your hard work, your talent and your dedication when you’re on stage are in great loss. Too bad for them ….!!
    I have noticed a change at you lately. You smile and laugh more often.
    I wish for you to have bright eyes, your face be smiling, your mind no longer be burdened by oppressive thoughts and your soul to be hopeful.
    I send you all my appreciation and best wishes only.


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