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Ah, a long-awaited ZIKZIN Radio came back!! The last topic, “how to relieve a hangover” of episode 6th and the new topic, “New Year” of episode 7th are going to start recording.
아기다리고기다리던 직진라디오 부활!! 지난 주제였던 제 6화 해장 그리고 새 주제 제 7화 신년 녹음 시작합니다.

In 2014, your wish for Jang Keun Suk! Why don’t you start New Year’s ZIKZIN Radio with eels’ wishes? GO Go Go~!! Chinese official website members, please write your episode on the fan board~^^
2014년, 장근석에게 바란다! 장어분들의 바램으로 신년 직진라디오를 채워볼까요? 고고고~!! 중국 공식 홈페이지 회원 여러분은 홈페이지 팬보드 게시판에 사연적어주세요~^^

Whom did he make a phone call today?!?!! #jks_zikzin_radio Today he talked with Japanese and Chinese eels on the phone. It’s only eels that can give power to Actor Jang!! He looked so happy ^^
통화연결!!!! 오늘은 누구랑?!?!! #jks_zikzin_radio 오늘은 일본,중국 장어분들과 통화했습니다. 역시 장배우에게 힘을 주는건 장어뿐!! 정말 즐거워 하네요.^^

22 thoughts on “[16.01.2014] Tree-J twitter”

  1. I can’t wait to hear this episode…with translations of course : )
    I want to knwo what he was laughing about..
    I love it when he’s laughing that heartily; it makes me laugh also

  2. i hope this year he found someone and fall in love.he looks so happy..keun suk ah..please be happy and healthy for u and people who loves u.

  3. Zikzin radio! Can’t wait for the next episode to be available for download… Some good joyful 40-ish minutes of listening to his voice & laughters 🙂

  4. Hi, been following this thread for a long time?So grateful to Tenshi and other eels who love Sukkie.Couldnt help but post this because no one seemed to notice that there is a girl sitting on the sofa with her face partially covered.She looks familiar.

  5. Sis Madargz : Sukkie has a lot of staff (including female ones). And he has got a wide social circle too. Why the surprise ? 🙂 and same as you i am grateful for Tenshi’ s time~~her english is so good and is instrumental to our understanding of sukkie ‘s posts~~

  6. Hi, the ? Was a typo error. I am thankful to Tenshi and everyone who keeps this thread alive. Imhave been a fan of Sukkie since I first saw him when I watched YAB.I even went to Bangkok and Singapore to watch his concerts.It is the first time in my life to be feel like this for an artist but then Sukkie is a rare gem,like no other.I , like most of you, desire nothing more than for him to be happy , not only in his career but most of all, in his personal life and that means having a woman who deserves his love.

  7. Thank you Tenshi!!’ I really appreciate everything that you do and also to the rest of the ladies that work hard to provide joy to all us. For the love of JKS. Zikzin!!!!


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