[Flash News] Team H “What Is Your Name” MV is 2nd On 2013 QQ Music MV Billboard

Credit: QQ Music
Pictures credit: 張根碩國度香港後援會 weibo (Suk Nation)

Team H’s “What Is Your Name” MV, please click this link to watch the Chinese subbed MV on QQ music website “What Is Your Name”
Is the 2nd on 2013 QQ Music MV Billboard!!!



8 thoughts on “[Flash News] Team H “What Is Your Name” MV is 2nd On 2013 QQ Music MV Billboard”

  1. Yeah! Team H Rock!
    So happy that many like this catchy e. song!
    We want more of Team H!
    Keep it up guys!
    Drown us with yr music! kkkk

  2. This is so cool~ jks did not debuted as a singer and party music has never been the mainstream music and yet he and BB did it!!! Congrats!

  3. Team H daebak! This is the song I always play while driving to work :). Such a mood booster, it is. What is your name? Really wanna know it 😉 *singing along*

  4. Wow its awesome! Team H made it to the second place…I’m expecting another album from Team H and also Sukkie’s 3rd album. But hopefully he will be doing another drama before 2014 ends.

    P.S. BTW Eels can you try to access gooddrama.net? Can you vote for Bel Ami and give your comments. FYI this is the link where a lot of staff for ABS-CBN a big TV Network in the Philippines that bought the copyrights of Bel Ami would try to monitor the number of viewers. And this is also where you can find a lot of antis and bashers of Sukkie. Hopefully you can also give your comments for both the front page and the page per episode. I’m hoping that Bel Ami could be given a prime time slot when it will be aired in the Philippines.

  5. Wow..such great achievement…congrets…not even promoted in China and yet such results, that is truely JKS charmes…
    btw is this the original picture? Psy is nr one but only one small pic..kekeke
    pic picture of our handsome prince


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