[14.01.2014] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo

tenshi_akuma’s note: Makimura-san mentioned about this JKS’ message. And today JKS replied to him again on twitter and LINE! They’ve really established a good relationship. Sukkie before also commented about him, too. This is another Makimura-san’s blog post.

2014-01-14 01:14:41
It made a grown man weep for joy
It seems many people were watching that TV program. As I thought your favorite stars would also appear on TV, so I introduced the information openly this time!

I never ever expected that he gave me such a comment… Although he once got in a car, he kindly got out of the car to give a comment to TV reporter… I was so moved, which gave me goose bumps and made a grown man like me weep for joy…

I felt as if I had seen my hard, frustrating and sad accidents happened in workplaces so far flashing in front of me….
Well, I can swear that I will protect him no matter what happens, giving up everything. Really. I was really moved!

You may wonder why I didn’t know he had given such a comment to me although I’m always be with him. Because at that time I was tightening regulations for people who broke the rule not to get out of the building! Hey! As I said once not to get out of there, please don’t do! Please follow the rule!


Laugh! Laugh!

LOL! Laugh! Laugh!

Title: 感動からの男泣き







11 thoughts on “[14.01.2014] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo”

  1. thank you sis share this, sukkie is the man that every one near him will respect & love him so much.. i love the way he treat his staff / people that work with him.. always appreciate older, & when time work is over also he play with the staff…
    Jang Keun Suk you are the best BOSS…

  2. Thank you Maki-chan for protecting our prince!!
    People like bodyguards are often disregarded and don’t receive enough appreciation. JKS is so thoughtful and considerate to give those comments and remember people like Maki-chan…

  3. I saw their latest pictures at the airport posted by this blog a few days ago and was really touched by how they seem to respect each other :). Those who say that Jang Keun Suk is such a rude person… you guys really know nothing about him and it’s such a big loss 🙂

  4. That makes us proud of our prince…he is never afraid to speak up…When needed he will give comments or when deserved compliments..all in his time..not just to suck up
    JKS is very well brought up by his family and is very very respectful to others esp elders..
    Makimura’s san really deserves it…for he is really good to eels too..

  5. I am so proud of Jang Keun Suk! He knows how to appreciate people who work closely with/around him. And I think that makes anyone working with him feel comfortable to do their work. For Makimura-san, he deserved that recognition from JKS as he must be having hard times protecting our lil prince due to his huge popularity in Japan. He must be having hard times to control crowds who will gone frenzy the moments they catch even a glimpse of our JKS shadow…kkkkk. Not to mention all those saesang fans! Good job & thank you Maki-chan! We trust you in protecting our JKS! When I saw those picture at the airport when JKS bow & shake hands with him, I can feel that special bond that binding them together…

  6. A big slap in the face for those who said that our jang keun suk is a dis respectful person! a shame on them!….. suk knows how to give importance to his staff and even appreciates every effort exerted to him..such a nice and beautiful man inside and out..big thanks to Maki-chan who always there to protect our precious suk..JKS is the best in everything, loving him forever..

    thanks for sharing sis Tenshi ^^ ..kkkkk..

  7. I think it is impressive to have a human life in your hands and at the same time, to have a guardian angel is a blessing.
    The duty of a bodyguard is to protect human life. He makes his duty, even at the cost of his life, he does not expect gratitude, thanks and most celebrities protected believes this is normal.
    When a Star appears and addresses public thanks, I believe there is something moving, is a deserved recognition but seldom received.
    Our Sukkie always showed respect and appreciation for those around him, people with whom he works and collaborates.
    Always impressed me at the airport when he shakes hands with the man who accompanied and protected. It is an act that says a lot about our Sukkie, about his respect for the work done with dedication.
    Respect for Makimura-san and much love for our Sukkie.

  8. Makimura-san!! thank you for protecting our Sukkie! Yes he is really like that he does not forget the hard work of the people around him! just one of the reasons we are crazy about him! ^^ May your relationship grow fonder and last for many more years. I wish you good health and peace!
    thank you for translating and sharing this dear Tenshi ^^

  9. Hi my dear sister and all who followMr Tenshi .the reallity is that keunsuk is really busy .as all you know, composing music and make new album and manage all them take alot of time. He grows upwith the best parents who do their best for him and i am sure his nice mom leart him to respect and consider all who are related with him but he is busy
    At the end i hope he can come over all difficulties as previus time.
    Thanks again

  10. Tenshi, thanks for translating and share out makimura-san blog post here with us here. Our pleasure to hear and know the view of the people that work with suk. Feeling another step closer in understanding suk real personality that already full of sincerity and kindness.


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