[Video+Article] Sina Entertainment Report JKS China Official Cri-J Opening

Credit: 新浪娱乐
Video credit: DragonJKS
English Translation: springsuk_USA

Hello everyone! I’m Jang Keun Suk (Speak in Chinese)
I miss you all. (Speak in Chinese)
Hi, I’m Jang Keun Suk (Speak in Korean and go on)
I open this fan club website specially for Chinese eels.
Finally now it starts
Before I have used weibo and other fan club websites to greet everyone.
This time this website is operated by myself, an Jang Keun Suk’s eels plantation.
The “eels kingdom” finally has been founded.
I hope everyone will come to join soon.
Let’s share information.
I’m looking forward to your joining to the club.
Looking forward to your joining!!! (Speak in Chinese)

Today Jan 09, Sina Entertainment. Jang Keun Suk first time revealed global exclusive private video to announce Grand China Official Fan Club Website set in Sina Weibo. In the video clip, JKS shows his cuteness fully with his charming smile. He even speaks in Chinese “I miss you all and vows to build “eels kingdom” together with fans.

JKS set in Sina Weibo, Chinese fans have been waiting for years for that.
Debuted as child star, at the end of year 2013, JKS plays “Gokgo Mate” in drama “Bel Ami (Beautiful Man)”, a character who has ultimate beauty even makes women jealous. Last night, Bel Ami ended successfully. Also, JKS’s shows are always filled up the venues.

JKS has official fan club websites in Japan and Korea, this time he finally opens his China Official Cri-J in Sina Weibo, this will give the special on line interact to Chinese fans who have been waiting for years.

JKS operates the website himself to interact with fans
As revealed, The Grand China Official CriJ website is operated by JKS himself. JKS has checked design and building works for the website by himself. JKS and HS Media, JKS’s only one agent company for Grand China area choose to set his official fan club website in Sina Weibo. Here fans not only can communicate with JKS by words, voices and all other new contacts; but also can read JKS’s message and surprises. Besides, Members have protected special rights from joining the club, they will have special seats, tickets for his shows in or outside Grand China area, also they will have opportunities to join small fan meetings and other events; no need to go overseas but realize the dream to be zero distance with their star. JKS says:”Before I have used weibo to talk to fans, but this time with the opening of official fan club in China I can contact fans more closely, we will build “Eels Kingdom” together.

In the website, there are many exclusive photos, videos which are updated synchronously with Japan and Korea fan clubs. Also, JKS himself will release some exclusive diary special for Grand China fan club to reveal fun things from his normal life. His staff will also take photos from his life. So more wonderful things to see. Please keep clicking: star.weibo.com/jangkeunsuk

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  1. i am very jealous because we don’t have any way to communicate with u so plz consider other countries international eels jks.and do something for us

  2. anyway thanks tenshi for considering my request…thanku u very much…just say to prince i am a big fan of him from india.thats enough tenshi any way thanks tenshi….

  3. So, Thoughful of you Dear Suk…You bring us to be the one. you are our kind and we are happy to die with u in your Kingdom. THis is our promise to be with u till the end no matter what .. whatever u have done. I love u and Fighting dear Prince. I will keep checking and reading your post in Princejks.com where I can feel u close.
    You are always the one who starts the world to be prettier cos of u and our eels love dear prince. Love u ..


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