[Pics] Latin American eels support ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’

Shared the BTS by Ale Sshi from Jang Keun Suk Chile Fan Club & ECI

6 Latin countries joined us for this project. we did it in 6 days. on 6 January, the food truck where 120 people enjoyed Samgyetang (chicken soup) was delivered. We are very happy 🙂
1) EELS COLOMBIA (Jang Geun Suk 장근석 FC)
2) Jang Keun Suk Argentina
3) Eels Ecuador – Jang Keun Suk F.C.
4) Anguilas en México de Jang Geun Suk
5) Jang Keun Suk Perú
6) Jang Keun Suk Chile Fan Club – Hermanas Anguilas


13 thoughts on “[Pics] Latin American eels support ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’”

  1. I just shed my tears on BM episode 15. I can deeply understand the love of eels who support our Prince unconditionally. He could make us smile happily with him, cry with him in sadness. He could move us up and down with his talents. One thing that I still cannot understand is that why BM has a low rating in Korea. May be the story line is not what they like. I believe we international eels love it, and our Prince is superb in his acting. I am sure that we will continue to cherish and nourish our Prince forever. To love, to protect, to support him for whatever he wants to do in his career. I just simply love him.

  2. We’re so happy to be crazy eels.. it’s true we just had 6 days to collect the money but… in fact we had less.. because in our countries we had bank holidays, then new year holiday.. so we talked with other Latin American countries and they wanted to join us… and of course we said YES!!…. fortunately I keep contact with a person from CriJ and she guided us in all the steps… really this was an odyssey, to send the money to us and then to CriJ… were 6 stressful days… but to watch the result.. Jang Keun Suk smiling next to our banner is invaluable.
    We’re so happy because he knows that he has eels from the other side of the world supporting him.
    Zikzin!!!!!!! to all eels from the world.. we put the crown to our Prince.
    from Jang Keun Suk Chile Fan Club

    • Way to go dear eels! You made it happen! You showed that you really can follow your goals and go straight forward to achieve them! Zikzin! Thanks to all the people involved for all your actual support, for believing in this dream and making it true. You guys are really amazing! Thank you so much! (¡Muchas gracias!):)

  3. It was so exciting!!! Im Jang Keun Suk Chile Fan Club’ member, and you cant not imagine my happiness to see this pictures. To see our Prince next to our banner, is really exciting!!! Just i cant believe it. Its really impressive ^^.
    Definitly, the eels we can do anything! All is possible! And now, our Prince Knows thal he has eels all around the world !!!
    ZikZin!!! 😀

  4. Happy and proud of being a Chilean Eels, since with effort always unite to support oppa and we achieve our goal. Our Prince should know that whenever you need us, we are to give our support and also to repay how happy that makes us with his music, dramas and all the work that presents us with effort.

  5. que hermoso, lo han logrado a pesar de la fecha en la que se encontraban, esto demuestra todo el esfuerzo de parte de las hermanas anguilas, yo no pude participar con dinero u.u pero aun asi comparto la felicidad. espero que a jang keun suk realmente le haya gustado todo zikzin para todas las anguilas y para jang keun suk

    beautiful, they have achieved despite the date on which they were, this shows all the effort of eels sisters, I could not part with money but still share the happiness. I hope that jang keun suk really you enjoyed all. zikzin for all eels and for jang keun suk

  6. The chicken soup looks very tasty!! Prince looks so proud and happy~ way to go Latin American eels!! Your effort is heartfelt . I can only watch the last two episodes tomorrow , can’t wait!! Nevermind the rating , who cares what 2k to 3k households think if we all enjoy the show?

  7. I am very happy for this great achievement that we have made together with other eels Latino America … I am sincerely proud to be an eel is more rewarding … everything that has happened to our beautiful Prince of Asia America now. Jang Keun Suk .. we hope soon to have you along our beautiful country and your eels Chile love you too kisses to you and all your staff affectionately Lorena … fighting!!. ♥

  8. Awwwwww…..BRAVO!!! Latin American EELs. Your support comes in such a GREAT timing!!!! GRAND Finale!!!! Jyo~Zikzin..!!!

    In my life, I never ever witness this united type of LOVE fans do for a STAR before. I feel touched reading and seeing the love and the joys you have created for JKS and for each other. I have to say…all of these FOOD TRUCK EVENTS are not easy to tasks to do. I can imagine how tired, how frustrate, how hard for everyones to make all the events coordinate and become successful and memorable events.

    Honestly, I would like to say I am soooooo PROUD of all the FANS CLUBs and fans around the world for showing support to a foreign in such beautiful and unselfish ways.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank You to all eels who participated in this memorable events. I feel PROUD of all of you, whoever you are. * tearing eyes with joyful hearts*

  9. not only the drama can make me cry but also all the warm love and support sent in with each food truck! ❤
    thank you Latin Eels! just daebak! thank you 3x!
    I’m sure Sukkie is happy and filled with your love! zikzin! ^^

  10. Thank you for posting our banner, I’m so proud to all fans in Latin America and around the world, I’m sure Jang Keun Suk saved in your heart these warm moments, for me the most important thing is he be happy with the love and support of Chile and the rest of the participating countries, .. We exist and we will always be at your side … remember . we promised bikini … Thanks to international eels around the world, Sukie is the best and has the best fans


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