[08.01.2014] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Eels!!!!!! CHO ZER!!!!!! Zikzin to Great China Official Fan Club Website!!!
Grand China OFC Website link is: star.weibo.com/jangkeunsuk
鳗鱼们!!!!!!CHO ZER!!!!!! 向大中华区官方网站ZIKZIN!!! #张根硕中官开通# star.weibo.com/jangkeunsuk
만 위먼!!!!!! 죠 져!!!!!! 대중화 공식팬클럽 홈페이지로 직진!!!

Springsuk_USA’s Note: Please go to this website to join Grang China OFC, it also opens registration to international eels. You can use paypal to pay the membership fee. 298 RMB (USD 53) for one year and it’s very easy to do it.

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