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  1. You did live a beautiful, exciting, and glorious life. It is going to be a long and lovely live. You will be loved and cherished by your international admirers forever.

  2. Ahhh…JKS is in a funky mood. This is the effect of Pretty Man, it makes you think of your life and what is really important, at least that is what I take from it. , loved the last episode…we are born with a story and the imprint or impression we leave behind is up to you…something like that! It made me think , how true…this is a beautiful drama. I’m loving it. I’m from the States and I can’t wait for Wednesday/Thursdays. Happy New Year and have a blast!

  3. Dear my love Sukkie,
    To live as you love to. I’m always with you even you can’t see me… but you can feel me for sure : )

  4. My dear Jang Geun Suk .
    I do not know if it’s you or about DMT but you’ll never have a boring life. It is true that even at this age you realize how others not managed to achieve up to old age.
    You have your whole life ahead and the ability to reach the highest peaks in more directions.
    Even a happy life with a family can bring you great satisfaction and you can climb the heights of glory.
    But remember, no flowery path does not lead to glory. You know best how was the road you’ve traveled to get where you are and who you are!
    I wish you a long life, full of projects and achievements but also moments when you think of yourself.
    I want you to meet the girl who understand you, to love you and bring you inner peace.
    I send all my love and admiration.
    God protect you! Happy New Year!

    • I agree with u adriana, sukkie surely has to meet his soulmate. He is still a human being who needs someone he can share his feeling and his dream. Wish you all the best in 2014 n hope u get the right girlfriend. Have a blessed new year to eels all over the world

  5. It’s the end of the year and our prince is thinking about what he did this year…being profound our prince : )
    He wants to live a meaningfull & intense life doing what he loves with the people he loves even if it means he has to pay a prize for it…for a different life is unthinkable for him..
    2013 was a very busy year for him with so many different and new things…very exciting
    I loved it all…Started the New Year in China, recordings, New CD’s, CD launch, Team H tour, ZIKZIN festival, MTV japan, Summer Sonic, new Shops, ZEPP tour en now a drama…busy busy busy
    I’m happy when he’s happy esp knowing he can be with his family when he wants; the freedom to choose
    For I know a lot of idols don’t get to see their family too often; almost a luxery


    • Reminds me of the start of TEAM H show…I JUST WANNE HAVE FUN..
      “There are lots of people who don’t enjoy their life
      There are lots of people who don’t know their happiness
      How about you, are you having fun with your life
      Are you having fun with your people ?
      Tonight you will experience the new wave of your life
      Tonight you will experience the connection between you and I
      Now set you heart, be open for our sounds and visuals
      Do Not hesitate
      Bring Out your senses of joy
      Get ready
      Cause we just wanne have FUN”

  6. Awww…geezzz…KeunSuk-ahh. Another heart-felt quote from you.

    The ending of the year, your mind must be running and reflecting a lot about your life in the past years….and thinking about what you are going to do NeXT, right!! Just do your very BEST, be satisfy and be happy and have fun in whatever that you will do, my dear! True eels will support you, always…

    As long as, you live your life based on your own principles and live your live PROUD and righteously, you will be just fine, in fact, SUPER fine and rich life!!

    Since you are another year older, please find yourself someone to love and be with a girl who loves you, the real you, not the rich and the famous JKS. As a loving fan, I give you my blessing and whole-heartly approval for you to have Girlfriend. kkkkk

    To my dear STAR Keun Suk-ahhh,

    On this coming new Year 2014,
    I wish you will achieve your goals and dreams.
    I wish for you to have healthy body and mind, always.
    I wish for you meeting and associating with kind people, always.
    I wish you will WIN some of the hearts of your people..thru your talents and sincere actions.
    I wish you to find love and happy with someone you love…..
    I wish you to have prosperous and fruitful year…

    JKS, Happy New Year!!!! Lets continue ZikZin to the World!!!!

    My EEL friends around the world, Happy New Year to all.!! Lets continue to love and support our STAR the best ways we can. Most important of all….let’s have have and joyful life..!!!!

    • Kailey, thank you for putting into words our wishes for Sukkie 🙂

      Ur comment that he is on a reflective mood really calms me down as I got worried initially reading this quote.

      Happy New Year to JKS and all the wonderful eels around the world.

  7. I’m with you!!! Live up your own exciting life as you wish. Happy New Year to you, Jang Keun Suk, The ONLY one in the world.
    From North Carolina, USA

  8. Short but glorious life seems like a better option than long & boring one, for sure :). Happy new year, Keun Suk-ah and fellow eels from all over the world! I am wishing you all a great year ahead… those days of ups and downs, filled with new challenges and opportunities that will make up your glorious life :). Thank you Prince & eels for making 2013 a special year in my life :). Warm greetings from rainy Borneo, Indonesia <3

  9. Why would I let someone make me choose between those options when I can make a much better one myself? I am planning on a long and glorious life. 🙂 You are welcome to tag along if you choose, but if not, carry on and enjoy!

    • But in all seriousness I assume he is speaking about his character, not himself. Between this, the Don Quixote reference and the “absolute boyfriend” similarities it makes me wonder if they are going to kill off Ma Te at the end.
      If he were really talking about himself I would be concerned.

  10. Happy New Year 2014 to everybody in the world, keep enjoying your life, may your dreams come true and wishes too. I am right now in the Renassaince hotel right in the middle of Times square, waiting for the ball to fall, would not want to be anywhere else right now, wish you guys be happy anywhere you are in the world.


  11. Jang Keun Suk,
    Live the life that you want without regrets.
    Do what you love the most and love what you do.
    Life is a competition of happiness anyway.
    I hope you’d be happy always.

    Happy New Year JKS & Eels. Zikzin!

  12. As an eel, for me, I think what he meant in his statement is… Of course for him it would be great if he will be given a long and glorious life (he wants that too) but if not, he’d rather opt for a short life… which is full of life, lively, happy, not boring & lonesome and be with the woman he love so much in this world… his soulmate… his love.

    To JKS and eels, wishing a Happy New Year to all of us!

  13. I think this is a typical question between two extremes. I don’t know who first said this, but at least in Japan, very typical question about our way of life. Maybe because I’m strange, but even when I was a KID, I chose the same option ‘short and sharp life’ like him. Of course, needless to say, living a long and glorious life must be the best. But no one knows when our life ends. Suk always says “I’m always living my life to feel that It’s OK for me to die tomorrow. I don’t want to regret my life. That’s why I keep running (ZIKIZN).” For him, following the path settled by others is assured for success, but he doesn’t want to follow such expectable life. He wants to make his own life even he falls down, it’s a treasure for him 🙂

    • Kaori chan, yes.. I think the same way too.. Life is so unexpected and I always admire this young man with so much dreams and how he achieves his dreams with his passion and persistence.. even if he fails, he treasures the experience he went through.. that is most important to achieve the next dream and keep moving..

  14. Ms. Kaori (Tenshi),

    Thank you for everything. I need not say in details the things I want to thank you for. As an eel, I’ve seen how you and others are doing great in helping, supporting and protecting JGS. I hope that your love for JGS will last until end and be with him forever truly, no matter what. May your optimist “open-minded” attitude and heart never falter to accept him as he is. Thank you. Happy New Year Ms. Kaori! 🙂

  15. My dear Sukkie, when you feel introspective of your life as most young adults tend to do, remember to count your blessings, look at your family, and most of all try to feel the love of all the eels like us who cherish you so much and who support you in all your goals and aspirations.
    I will always be thankful for having known you this 2013, it was a serendipitous moment indeed which I will for always keep and please know than in 2014 I vow to see you personally. Let’s make it happen ok? Zikzin! ^^
    thanks for sharing this dear Tenshi!

  16. Happy New Year my dear Sukkie! 2013 was a great year indeed. lots of things happened, but we, your eels stays the same. may you have a great 2014 ahead of you. remember to continue and leave for the future but don’t forget the lessons you learned from the past. Zikzin JKS!

  17. keep it up boy don’t be sad coz it breaks my heart to see u like that happy new year my dear prince I wish u all the best in life happiness successful career and good health


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