[31.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter


All eels~!!
Thank you very much for the year 2013 as well.
Please continue to support us next year, too.
And we’ve updated New Year’s greeting event on the official website~~!!
Go Go to the official web page~!! Those who’re the 5th member, please visit after about 2 hours.

2013년 한 해 감사했습니다
내년에도 잘 부탁드립니다
그리고 새해인사 이벤트를 공식홈페이지에 게시하였습니다~~!!
공식홈으로 고고~!! 5기 회원님들은 약2시간 후부터 오세요^^

6 thoughts on “[31.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. omg it really breaks my heart to see all those winners get awarded at how i wished that sukkie could be their with them tonight but its really makes me sad 🙁 it looks like every body is getting awarded but him 🙁 and i mean every body and know they can call them selves a better actor that him , its just not fair :((((((((

    • Randa sis, don’t feel sad… remember the right timing for Mate? it works the same for Sukkie.. I understand also he is filming today for Bel Ami too.. just like Christmas Day.. he worked over the holidays for Bel Ami.. so we just Zikzin with him in 2014 as master so hardworkng and passionate in his work ^_^

    • Don’t worry sis. As overseas eels the least that we can do is to keep on voting for him for any official awards that count or at least take into account internet polling to make sure that he will at least get an overseas popularity award! I also have confidence in him that he will get the acknowledgement he deserves when the time comes. Just be patient 🙂

    • Me too I was saddened at KBS Drama Awards 2013. But the list of winners all more like a parody.
      It was however expected that happened. Airtime given to Beautiful Man says it all. It started at the end of 2013, so they can say they were not conclusive the few episodes aired and ends at the beginning of 2014, so they hope that by the end of the year, when award prizes, viewers will forget the drama.
      I was happy to discover that a television yet in my country Love Rain resumes after the series aired in 2012. Resumption was made at the request of loyal viewers of this post that airs Korean dramas.
      I watch with the greatest joy, especially as the TV station site are 2056 comments, all favorable.
      It was very funny at the end of the first episode when my husband asked me when is the next.
      To be confident in our PRINCE and I do not want to change, to always be himself, no matter what happens.That’s why we love him and to us he will always be our STAR.


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