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  1. Sis, thank you to create this excellent, awesome, and creative recapping style. One of a kind, I must say.

    The last paragraph, word.

    BA, with its own flaws, is worth watching drama.

  2. sis OrmKwan, Wowww…..awesome review!!! I love your style of writing becoz it’s reflecting of your thoughts, not just recapping of what going on in this drama. You are such a profound writer who can express your thoughts out very nicely.

    Agree with your views!!! Super love this write up!!! Well done!!!

    P.S. Though, I like and do enjoy reading normal style recaps……but I prefer personal thoughts styles like this more. (Your style reminded me of sis Rika’s style of writing in her blog….whose style I love reading too.:)

    • Yes agree with you Kailey…thanks OmKwan for your recap with your personal views…I can find myself fine in those..
      Matae only had the love of his mother, therefor he depends more on older women to look after him…the pampering and care was I think what he asociated with “love” plus the fact he got things easily from others his whole life because of his looks..
      Bo Tong is the only female that comes close to the feeling he has for his mother yet because of the age difference he has never seen her as a woman…but he sure is comfortable with her.
      From one of the links send by an eel I read they think Matae en BoTong (JKS & IU) have no chemistry together but BT and CD has…they go as far to say JKS has no chemistry with all his female co-stars…
      I would say BS…
      They played their parts just fine up till now..and I’m sure if MT & BT are ment to be very romantically involved in this drama they will have plenty of chemistry..
      BT & CD acts more like a twin to me than a man ardently in love with a woman.

      I really don’t trust CD…for he lives a life with such secrets and acting he has nothing to do with it at all; yet he regrets his father because of what he did to his mother..
      I guess the president might turn out to be the bad guy..he is manipulating so many people…even his sons are only pawns in his strategy.
      His elder/eldest son is known to NHR, but his second son who he abandoned when he left his wife is a secret to her?…. and Matae is also a son of him by another woman who was kept out of sight of NHR.. But what is the role of the watches…hmmm
      Is Matae maybe NHR son who was taken away after birth and kept in hiding by the president so his wife would not be able to find her son
      Is that why she became bitter for she has no other children while the president is popping up children left and right…so his family becomes the heirs
      I’m so curious what the DNA will prove

      This drama is soooooo good.
      I love it
      You see how the characters are developing and growing each episode.
      Matae is really becoming a sensible, conscious and caring man, one that is using his IQ and EQ to do the right things…a man started with one clear goal…to finally find his father…to find himself in the end
      Helping the procecutor to reach her goal, he might free himself forever.

      I love it that he is already conscious of the fact he always has Bo Tong on his mind with every breath he takes…wow..
      and by deleting the password he trew off the shackles that kept him down and started to trust and be confident in himself..
      Go Go Matae!!!

      • Mamacri,

        I don’t know how people see chemistry (I assume romantic chemistry here) between Botong and David. Just becoz Botong and David have MORE scene together….people assume, there is more romantic chemistry between this two characters. Botong and David Choi are like TWIN sister and brother. How can two people who are soooo alike in emotions and actions attract to each other in a romantic ways?

        Ohh-yahhh…. The most sincere scene I see about David feeling and Botong’s feeling is when David is hugging Botong and said sorry for loving her….and Botong feels sorry for overlook his love. Even though, it’s romantic scene, but I feel like friends confessing one’s feelings to each other. As far as I can see, The chemistry I see between this two is loving and caring for friends, called BEST friends since David seems to be glued to Botong everywhere. These two are very comfortable with each other as friends should be……never even fight with each other. This type of relationship is just too perfect to be real couple relationship any way, in drama world or real world. I didn’t see romantic loving and yearning Botong’s eyes when she looks at David.

        With Dokgo Mate, Botong always looks at him with yearning or longing…I don’t know the right words for this expression… even when Dokgo Mate is sleeping. As for Mate, a simple action of touching (pinching) her face is a symbolic of bonding and closeness between these two odd couple. The chemistry between Mate and Botong is thru their interactions with each other, either by their communication styles, understanding each other needs even without asking, or even fighting with each other sometimes. That’s how the real relationship works. That’s how chemistry starts….it’s called opposite attraction.

        Here are my opinions and imaginations of the relationships…..between Botong and David vs. Botong and Dokgo Mate………

        Botong with David……. she will live her life with “half” emotion, even though, David seems perfect Man to most women, for he is sooo sweet, giving and catering to his woman in every aspect of her life, even spoon feed her if needed, and a man won’t never broke her heart or say “NO” to her …….awwwww so sweet man!!! But BIG question is…… can Botong find happiness thru out her life time with this type of man..? Will Botong be calm and happy enough just to settle for 2nd BEST..?? Worst of all, to settle with a man becoz she has guilty feeling, therefore, she must pay him back for his kindness by doing righteous things to be with him or marry him…..T.T. Sure…in real life, many women probably are happy repaying for a guy’s kindness by marrying him or be with him..….like repaying debt of emotions….something like that. Gossh…. life can be simplier if any women should never be put in this situation.!

        Botong with Dokgo MaTe…….Botong will live a life with vivid loving, full of colors and excitements life. With Dokgo Mate, who will not cater to her in every in all the ways she wants; who can be strong and NOT afraid to hurt her feeling now and then by yelling at her or even punishing her when she is in misbehave…loll. Based on Botong’s nature and character…she always got herself in trouble.. and always needed bail out by someone.. (most times by Bad Mate Oppa indirectly…kkk), and Botong can, too, do the same thing to her man, yelling at him, fighting with him, and scoring him if neede……and most importance of all, DogKo Mate can braze Fire in her heart every day of her life, will treat her like a “queen” when he is in his charming shelf. Surely, life with Dokgo Mate will NEVER be boring….LOLL. Yeahhhh….how can any woman refuse this type of guy? Not me.!!! Heck-yahhh…that how much I want Botong to be with Dokgo Mate at the end…..lol.

        With this Episode, I can see how much Dokgo Mate’ growth with more Biz senes and in touch of his feeling about Botong more…..I love Mate did not show his “obsessive” feelings for Botong and that he did not used Botong’s feeling to be by his side. Based on Botong feeling for him, Dokgo MaTe can have Botong at any given time. Botong is totally his. But no….instead of showing his immature feeling about love to Botong, he let’s her go to experience and learn about life, learn about what really True love thru David Choi. David Choi is very very sweet man, too sweet man by the way…….would any girl goes for sweet man who loves you…..or goes for a man your heart desire the most.?

        David is a key for Botong to finalize what she feels for Mate Oppa is not totally a fantasy crush or fansgirling feeling, but feeling with substances, deep root feeling that can’t live without that person… my friends, that’s called “TRUE LOVE”.

  3. Thanks sis Ormkwan, this is such a nicely written recap. At first I didn’t understand about the meaning behind MaTe’s act of giving her the ‘daddy shoes’. Later I realised that in most asian countries, being single in that age might not be that ‘safe’ for women- despite the loneliness aspect, of course. MaTe is indeed improving himself and i’m so proud of this young man. Not only does he learn from the interactions with the women he met, but also he gave them lessons in return :). I will miss this drama so much when it ends… and same as you, I’ll cherish it as much as I can in the mean time 🙂

  4. Great job sis! This is much more than just a recap. You analyse every single important detail and thanks to your analysis , people would be able to understand more about the story. About mate’s deleting the code it was explained by mate himself that he just could not receive something that involved dire sacrifice from a friend, but it would be more plausible just to explain that twas jealousy or love for bt that refrained him from doing so. Daebak sis!4

  5. Thanks for the recap, nice personal touches. Good to see character development with David and Ma Te. I like how Ma Te did not did not hold onto that shame he experienced after the party and was able to move past it and acknowledge his own behavior. He is also thinking of others much more and basing his decisions on that.
    I love the “innocent” prosecutor that keeps rufies behind the counter at the store. When you use a straw like that you can look like you are drinking something when you are not. Ma Te is lucky he did not wake up in leather restraints, the REAL other side of the page for a woman like that. lol
    The plot here is getting more twisted and I am hoping that his “education” was not just a ruse to disgrace him to begin with. You know, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

  6. Thank you Ormkwan for this outstanding recap. It is so well written and the question that you brought up are so valid to be analyst. Really enjoying reading your recap so much.

  7. Ormkwan sis, Thanks for the recap.. I love ep12 very much as Mate has started to break away from the control of Yura and we can see how Mate using his own thinking and past lessons learn to also influence the people around him… he has taken control of many things now…and I’m looking forward for him to brave facing the truth of own background. (This episode reminds me very well of Sukkie himself.. in certain stage of his life, he started to take control and make his own decision… it is like moving up the next level and building a stronger inner self.. just like the quote he shared recently)

  8. thank you for the recap sis Ormkwan
    yes you’re perfectly right, we could learn alot from the story even each episode has something new we learn or we think about.


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