[ENG-SUB] BTS JKS at ‘Beautiful Man’ press conference_20131118

Sukkie looked so nervous at BM press conference. We can see how he approaches this drama with enthusiasm.

Credits: innolife.tv
English translation: tenshi_akuma

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12 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] BTS JKS at ‘Beautiful Man’ press conference_20131118”

  1. thanks Kaori for the translation. i’ve been waiting for this for i just noticed that he was so tensed during the press conference. i think that he did not show his real self on that day which made me want to hug and tell him that it’s okay if you were not love by your fellow Koreans, your international eels are always here to love and support you……..

  2. Oh, He seems really nervous!!! Prince, don’t be afraid, in the World you are loved so much! Korea is only a little part of the World 🙂

  3. i always feels like crying for Sukkie whenever the issue of him being not that famous in Korea is brought up..its a pity that koreans cannot appreciate a genuine and superb actor like JKS.. good thing the international eels are always there to back him up.

  4. Sukkie pliz dont mind them Koreans becoz Zimbabwe loves u and we are very intelligent we know talent when we see it. It is very unfortunate tho that I am poor I can’t watch BM online and my phone is old so I’ll have to wait

  5. Thanx for translating and posting, Tenshi 🙂

    He was very nervous at the Press Conf… Don’t worry buddy! If Koreans don’t like you (for being yourself! Apparently, that is a, borderline, crime in Korea!), there’s a whole World that does!

    Just keep strong and ZikZin!!!

    Peace out!

  6. You are a son of Koreans, and a son of millions of international fans. Stay nervous, stay foolish, stay anxious (to borrow from Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford University who ended his speech saying “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”) this adrenalin will make you excel better and better, and forever. No wucking forries, it’s a sign of any perfectionist. Just simply love you.

    • Agree with you….

      Our Sukkie was so nervous…even singing in a hugh Arena filled with audience he did not get that nervous…
      And our prince is very sharp…he was waiting for this Q…
      They brought up the low ratings of LR again…and it’s so sad to hear him take the blame and yet I like how he answered the Q..he has to admit it’s his deficiency of skill to impress the korean viewers but he has no obsessive thoughts he must succeed at any costs!!!…He is so smart….
      Low ratings but a hugh commercial succes; that fact is never mentioned by the korean media…


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