8 thoughts on “[Pics] “Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)” BTS from Bliss_Media”

    • Ratings will go up, ratings will go up, ratings will go up and up and up!
      JKS will feel happy and relief if ratings gets better. I wish him to be happy!
      Ratings will go up, ratings will go up….up….up! BM zikzin!!

  1. O…my prince…this is how he wants to live…
    script in one hand while exchanging ideas with the producer a.o..

    Now I understand why the actors seems so white in some scenes…it was f* cold and they had so little clothes on…poor things

  2. Pretty Boy was transformed into Beautiful Man. A delight for the eyes and soul. As the story develops, we see our boy turns slowly. With much emotion I wait the outcome. I have all confidence it will be as expected. We’re stand by you with all the good thoughts and good wishes.


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