[17.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

[Beautiful Man support] Today’s lunch, catering service (Samgyetang) was sponsored by LoveJKS★Flamme for all the shooting staff!
[예쁜남자 서포트] 오늘 점심은 LoveJKS★Flamme에서 촬영 현장 전 스텝 밥차(삼계탕)서포트하였습니다!

6 thoughts on “[17.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. How could people say that he was not loved by Koreans!!! There are so many Korean fans who love him deeply. I remember how they showed their affection on his birthday last year at the airport with a cake with his picture on it, and so many times on his shooting they supporting him and the staff with food. These are the signs of deep love. Food and love are tightly tied. It is the bonding like mom and children. Let’s cherish this love we share for our Prince. I just simply love him.

    • Of course, his Koreans eels are very supportive of him, always show him support in whatever ways they can do. Korean EELs are his strongest roots and his hardest critic too. I never have doubt that Koreans love Jang Keun Suk. To me, I always think of Korean eels are the proudest and the bravest of Jang Keun Suk’s fans. Korean eels would be the ones who understand Jang Keun Suk and his pig situation in Korea the most…..and they still believe in him and stand by him. That takes courage and bravery hearts to stand against the norm.

      Based on my own perceptions, I do think that the general public of Koreans have this BAD perception or image about JKS’ personality and attidue….thus they seems to treat him too indifferently to the point I can not figure out if they are….ashamed of him, or proud of him, or simply don’t care what he does. Period.!!!

      In my opinion, No matter if they like him or not as a person, they should still be proud that one of their many made in Korea STARs achieve BIG or some success outside of Korea.

      By the way, some of those FOOD supports were from his International Fans clubs, too!!!

      Beautiful Man, fighting!!!!

  2. Agree with you Sudie.. the korean eels are daebakkkkk…they are such strong supporters.. they give the loudest cheers in Korea…it’s really not easy to be an eel in Korea because of the p*gsituation…and they don’t get to see him that much…most of his work is done outside of Korea….they deserves a big applause for their undying love for Sukkie…..counts double hahaha


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