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  1. Karthika sis.. Thanks for the recap of ep 8 and I notice we also can’t help mentioning Sukkie each time when we see Mate.. and I also notice the heart warming part of Mate interaction with Botong’s mum & brother.. he is like part of the family, so natural.. and ep8 is really getting us all excited already, can’t wait for the next ep in coming week!!! ^_^

  2. Thanks for your recaps Karthika…
    It’s beautiful writen and totally my thoughts…
    There was so much happening in the end of this episode…and very telling because it’s excately half way the drama…what awaits us for the next half of the drama…
    He still has..uh….he still has 6 women to go!!! and adding to it a new fact of the other heir(s)…
    Also Matae’s father becomes more visible, he and his wife lives a total different life..love to see the difference between the President and the Vice president with their personal assistents….a very different vibe
    The President really keeps an eye on Matae and is satisfied to find out his son is just like him…
    I think this drama deserved the name THE HEIRS too…or something heavier or in line with that for it’s really a b*tch fight about the lineage of heirs and successions; with a lot at stake….but instead it has the very misleading but sweet name of Beautiful Man/Pretty Boy/Bel Ami etc simply because it’s about the growth of a man..

    Given it is a ROMCOM…it has so much suspense and very unexpected twists and turns to it…so spicy but very well mixed with the sweet and lovely
    Very well writen, filmed, visualy presented and acted by the actors…applause to that

    This episode reminds me again my own believe…”never trust a smiling cat”…KIJ portraited this… driven by her loniness she smirks and smiles only to find people weakspots so she can choose to use it to her advantage or to hurt them for her own satisfaction, it’s almost like a game for her this puppet theatre, wonder what made her this way..
    People such as the President with who she had dinner later portraits these who only want to believe in what they fixed in their mind to be “good/right” ….are very quick to condemne, act ridiculous and harsh

    • Speaking of Ma Te’s dad, his appearance was one of my favorite parts of this episode! To really see that he is keeping an eye on his son even when they have no contact is heartwarming, just shows that he does care what happens to Ma Te, if only Ma Te [in the drama] knew so he wouldn’t feel so abandoned by his dad. And the Dad’s reaction to Ma Te’s scandal with Myo Mi was classic, haha, i loved it!

      • yes..his dad really want to protect mate..that’s why mate live in hidden with her mom. he know mate will be in danger if the iron lady know about his existence. im not sure though..just my thought.

  3. Nice recap karthi 😉
    i hope BM will get more n more interesting and people will realise how much effort sukkie is putting in to it.
    IU is cute but unrealistic 🙁
    Me too liked jks with Myo mi more than with Bo tong.
    Waiting for more….

    • I agree with you sis that IU’s character is a bit unrealistic. But that didn’t stop me from loving her in the drama. The character really calls for her to be so crazy sometimes, because we all know Bo Tong is so crazy in love with Ma Te. 😉 <3 😀

      I think what endeared her character to me is how she was so brave to just follow her heart and do even crazy things for the person she likes. I have to admit that most of the things that she had done in the drama have crossed my mind at some point in my life (even until now that I'm 23). Wanting to stare at the photo of the person I like for hours, making a wallpaper out of it, doing favors for him, wanting to wear his clothes if I had the chance, overlooking his flaws and just seeing all his positive traits, even to the point of not noticing anyone else around because of him. So to some degree, her character is realistic, but most people, most GIRLS are just too afraid or too shy to let this inner wild self out. That's why I like Bo Tong, she has become the outlet of all my frustrations for letting myself be dictated by societal norms and suppressing my crazy urges when it comes to the person I like! 🙁

      Initially, I thought I would only be looking forward to Sukkie's scenes in the drama cause I didn't think I would like IU's character, but now I find myself looking forward to what new crazy things she would come up with, then I would usually ask myself, "Have I thought of that before?", and if I haven't yet, I would then ask, "Would I have thought of that crazy idea if I was in her situation?", and the all-important question, "Would I have done that?" Most of the time, my answer to the first 2 questions is yes, so maybe I'm as crazy as Bo Tong. But all those YESes do not get a corresponding yes with the third question. That's why despite the romance going on all around the drama which do not feature her and Ma Te, I am still rooting for her. I admire her for being upfront and honest about what she feels and not being afraid to show that to the world.

      But romantically speaking, it does look like Ma Te and Bo Tong as a couple has no future just yet. All the crazy things she did so far just scream fan girl antics and it is doubtful that those things would endear Bo Tong to Ma Te as a WOMAN/PARTNER [lover? hehe]. Although we see from time to time in the drama that Ma Te is protective [and a bit possessive] of Bo Tong. I haven't read the manhwa or watched the movie based on this story line so I don't know if Bo Tong's character will undergo a metamorphosis as the story goes along, just like Ma Te's. But I am looking forward to see how things will turn out.

      • Lol…although the IU/Bo Tong seems a bit unrealistic…but on a smaller scale or a bigger scale even for some it is realistic enough…Bo Tong is doing what a eels are doing…have all the lovely and sincere feelings for our star Jang Keun Suk/Matae…
        She is looking at pictures of Matae the whole day like we eels do with Sukkie’s
        We want to touch him, hear him be near him all the time..and he is bigger and shinier than everything around us…we can be totally “us” when busy with Sukkie in our minds…and are able to move mountains for him…and all different kind of crazy stuff just for him…like dressing up and waiting long hours just to see him…and when we see him we have stars in our eyes…

        IU/Bo Tong resambles the pure, simple, innocent, earnest, honest, passionate “us” in this world, while the other women resambles the “harsher”, more cunning, manipulative, complicated, dramatic, self centered world.

        We eels are such BT’s too…LOL

        Can our man become beautiful enough to see the beauty in the simple things in life? When will he be strong enough not be sway by every circumstance that comes his way…
        Another 8 episodes to tell us…

      • actually I love Botong character too as she relates very well to us sometimes… many eels would follow Suk and do many things we would ever dream of doing.. just attending Suk’s concerts itself is a test of endurance….for eels who went for those concerts, they will understand what I mean… and many things Botong did are actually what eels have dreamed of too… see this old vid of Suk’s FM interview… eels are taking about Suk’s collarbone a few years’ back.. LOL!

  4. BRAVO!!! Thank you Karthika for writing such an awesome recap. I love the way you write it with inserting your personal’s inputs and voices.

    Ep #6 used to be my favorite episode and it is NOW replaced by ep.7, so far. I love every thing in ep.7, the storlines, and all the characters (old and news, bitches and sweet, means and devil characters). Oh my!! The mystery of HNR’s son birth….Who can he be?? Aishhh….I ‘m not good with guessing, so I just have to continue watching this drama to know……kkkkk.

    I especially LOVE seeing the growth process Dokgo MaTe in becoming a considerate man and a good BOSS who will do anything to protect the people under his care. Yeahhh….the spikerweb master fully realizes now Dokgo MaTe is a super intelligent man, behind his handsome face. He is learning in every episode to be a better person, a person who is beautiful from the INSIDE, not only on the outside, and learn to survive in the world with his own wits and intelligent, and the fruit of his labors.

    The facts.., DoKgo Mate DOES have different chemistry with all the different women in his life so far……

    As for develop of LOVE between MaTe and BoTong, it’s non-existance as of now. Sorry for those people who expected to see more romance with MaTe and BoTong. From watching ep. 1 to ep.8 now, I can see that the FOCUS of this drama is not about the romance of MaTe and BoTong.

    Even though there is no visual romance relationship between this TWO main characters…..I can see there is a subtled chemistry or feeling between MaTe and BoTong… If MaTe doesn’t have feelings for BoTong a little, he wouldn’t be acting like a FoOL every times when he see David with BoTong…or if Mate doesn’t have feeling for BoTong…how in the world would he be yelling at her and scolding her to be careful with other man, all the times? The drama does NOT need to show the hugging or kissing scenes all the times to show the love and good chemistry between TWO characters. Good actors or actresses can show LOVE in their eyes……!!!

    With Jackie he feel comfortable with her, who can give him both materials and emotional support, beside the value of money.

    With Electric Fairy, he has sweet sincere friendship and relationship. MaTe cares for her…he is touched by her goodness.

    With the spiderweb Master, he was fascinating and attracting by her people’s skills and his eyes drew to her in every moves she made……totally observant man with this lady.

    With Myo Mi, he finally found a woman who can make his heart pounding just to be near her, even she’s supposedly a lesbian…LOLL) Maybe that’s why he feel challenging. He is Dokgo Mate who can make any woman alive, old or young, fall for him…… MaTe might have specially feeling and strong physical chemistry with Myo MI…..but eventually he would realize that it’s NOT long lasting love.

    Oh Wowww…this is ONLY half way……more women to come..!!!!

    Jang Keun Suk acts perfectly to each of his characters, with each of his women… It’s right and proper based on the script..!!

    Beautifula Man is soooo deep and entense drama that makes my grasp on my seats every times I watch it. (Yeahooo, I watched each episode more than one time so I won’t miss somethings….beside I love BM so much!!!) I can go on and go on…..saying many things why I love this drama.

    • I guess most eels are watching the episodes again and again just trying to capture & understand everything..there is so much going on…
      When I read some remarks or recaps I learn I have missed some important points and I restart to watch it again…and still I have no tendency to fastwordward some scenes…it is that captivating..
      I love how he acts different and give different vibes with every woman in his life…

      I love this drama to bits

  5. thank you Karthika for the light and colorful recap! and thank you tenshi for sharing! may I just add that i was lmho with the scene of Botong following the advise of Sukkie’s friend on how to catch Mate’s attention! Botong following each stem seamlessly except she was not able to get water!! just hilarious! BM fightin’! ^^

  6. Thanks for the recap! This episode really shows the down side to people pleasing (manipulation and ulterior motives). It also forces Ma Te to take a stronger look at himself yet again. At this point unless I can’t see him falling in love with Bo Tong, just “in pity”. Their interactions are humorous but she really does not respect him or have a clue who he really is. Not that she has a clue about most things in general…

    Please don’t make this show fan-girl pandering … (some pandering is ok, just not the entire story line).

  7. Karthika, Thanks a lot for this beautiful recap. Episode 7 was my best episode, but when I watched episode 8, my level of appreciation for Bel Ami soared up even more. Sukkie is the ultimate actor who can give life to Dokgo Mate in varied dimensions. As I always salute for Sukkie’s excellent performance, my deepest appreciation also goes to the writer who made the solid backbone of this drama. Prior to any news about Bel Ami and Sukkie who was only actor choosen for this coveted role, I watched the movie this written by the same writer, and I was so amazed of that work. And it was reason why I never had any doubt about this though a lot may have doubted thinking that its a manhwa and will reinforce Sukkie’s potential as an actor.

  8. Thanks for the recap, sis Karthika. I like this episode because it shows another different side of MaTe… well we all know by now that he loves his late mum so much but in this episode, it’s clearly stated. I also love how the story starts to be more complicated and keeps us guessing. I can’t wait for Ep 9 as I just watched the preview today 🙂

  9. I liked the character of Myo Mi… and am excited to see where this part of the story line develops… and how this scandal affects Dokgo Mate and his company.
    Love how protective David Choi is of Bo Tong… but can’t help but wonder about his back story!
    There is absolutely no chance of me dropping this drama… I am pretty riveted to the screen when it’s on!

  10. I really wonder about the character of CD…up to episode 8 he has always been the goody two shoes…happy go lucky guy; only eyes for BT…but at the end of episode 8; two things demands our attention…the fact he seems to speak english well and he had been in New York and when he saw HYR he was a bit taken back…How does she knows Matae and hin wondering why she was there at the office…hm…but she doesn’t seem to know CD..so it seems


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