15 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 5_Beautiful Man”

  1. Wow! Congrats sis Tenshi… I am so happy so happy with u as well… Thanks to all the all effort bro Saad Al-otaibi sis Mandy Pan Sarah Ye and Wen Lee… such a great effort with a great outcome… Daebak to all of you !!!

  2. It’s really heartwarming that Sukkie could read the supporting message from sis Kaori (Tenshi). Sis Kaori has been indeed one of the most passionate ‘angel-eels’ of ECI and this jangkeunsuk blog who always updates us with the latest info about our Prince :). Thanks all the fabulous translation team of ECI (sis Sarah, sis Mandy, sis Wen, sis Eve, sis Eileen, bro Saad etc) for their hard work :). You are all wonderful!

  3. thank you so much to the whole team behind the translation of Sukkie’s podcast! You are all amazing! Tenshi!! i was so exicited hearing your name and message! I am patiently waiting for the next ep for this. I love it just listening to how Sukkie thinks/analyzes things, what breaks him to laugh, and just what the other eels are thinking of. It really feels like we have our own world with our prince. I pray he makes more of these! thanks for sharing! fightin’! ❤

  4. I love this…Thanks everyone for making this possible..
    Tenshi…such a heartwarming feeling must have come over you when he read your message…
    I hope in future more and more eels will posts real question and stories to him. He is such a fine person to talk too..
    and he does it with his staff and with us..
    LOL …when he said…his recording is so portable as he can used it in the restroom…imagine that..kkk

  5. I’m sure JKS is aware of our Tenshi’s continuos dedications over the years!
    Omendato Tenshi, JKS knows you! I think he also visited this blog and seen your hardwork.
    Keep it up! Hurray for Tenshi!

  6. i just love how JKS differentiated the definition of a Beautiful Man between a Man and Woman’s perspective. he is such an intelligent person!


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