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  1. Thanks for the recap!
    It was soooo hilarious especially when the mother and rhe brother of Botong discovered the Ma-te picture on the wall!

  2. sis Radji….thank you so much for writing recap on this episode so fast!!!

    This episode is somewhat low key and slower pace than previous episode, but it’s still meaningful and many lessons to learn from. This episode….I called it, a small building blocks or “connections” for a greater things to come.

    I was soooo shocked that to learned the “Dark sides” of the Queen of connections. At first, her character was soooo smart and genuinely sweet person….I was really falling for her..!! Duhhh….that’s only meant I am so naive about the world and its treachery people….aigooo!!!

    This drama is sooooo GREAT and give sooo many meaningful life valuable lessons that I will never forget even when the drama has ended.

      • Lol…by nature I’m very cautious with wifh people who are too sweet and cheerful..when I saw her walking and talking in the shop..all my hair went right up..I thought…she is too good to be true …and she is…these people are great gossipers..luring people to talk about their secrets by acting sweetand concerned…I love the more grumpy no nonsense type …
        KIJ is one great manipulator acting as a black widow with her spiderweb…maybe because of her ex-husband

  3. I want to see MaTe&Botong romance develop soon… it’s taking too long and its 8 eps alrd with not much brewing. If Ma Te sits on it further, Botong may as well be his adopted sister lol!

    • unfortunately..this drama not gonna focus in their love story. compare to the original manhwa..the production team did a very good job to develop their character and relationship which i cant see much in the manhwa..but dont worry..if they follow the manhwa ending..its gonna be a happy ending.kya!!!!

      • exactly.DarylLade..im kind of disappointed when botong imagine the wedding scene.kkk..when i see that..i know they not gonna have a wedding scene anymore..

    • yes i really need to see some romantic scene between jgs and IU BUT I also read the original manhwa and theirs is no many scenes between the two ?!! i’m really sad they don’t even kiss in the manhwa what the hell ?!! i hope the writers add a kiss between them ?!! plz i feel like IU is falling in love with lee jang woo instead ??!!! and if i’m not mistaken botong will marry david but but for some reason she run back to ma te !! we just have to wait and see

  4. thank you sis rngamefan,

    I’d like to underline , how on earth MT came with “Help me and I’ll be your lover.” this was backward step. however, we could learn something in this. the thing you want to execute, think wisely and learn the possible impact, or else.

    glad I enjoyed ep 8 more.

    • I think he made that decision of going backward when he saw Botong was so pitiful asking the marketing director (? ) that she will perform some acts ( dancing etc ) to them to get more orders. I think Mate did that because he cannot stand looking at how Botong was so worried about how he will be in debt and be kicked out at MG. So basically he did it for Botong not for him.

      • yes.. when Mate learnt to read the heart of people in lesson #2.. we notice he has also becomes more sensitive to other feelings even he don’t show it explicitly.. and this is more trouble for Mate as he has more things to consider besides himself only.. so it is going to get more and more tough even he has learnt more skills along as he has to balance and weigh which one applies too at different point in time…

      • No I do not know… but looking at how Mate’s character has transformed, he is becoming more sensitive to those around him. And he knows already how to reciprocate to those who really cared and loved him. And as the line of Electric Fairy goes… ( This is not exactly ), but the jest: That when time comes, that he learned how to love, and it will become a burden, he has to open that box, and what he will find will become the answer…For me that box, symbolizes real acceptance of himself.

        When I watched that episode again, I surmised that part of his character’s transformation is also to recognize the denied pain that we went through growing up without a father and witnessing the hardships of his mom raising him alone. For me, digging up those painful past, forgiving the past would be the last step to make Mate, the most beautiful person.

      • Ladies, thanks you for your thoughts.

        After Kim In Jong has helped Mate in increasing socks selling, she reminded him the promise. But all of the sudden, he decided not to do that, which it means he broke his own words. Until ep 6, as far as I remember, I hv never seen he acted like that. That was what I meant with one step backward, regardless he did ask a favor to KIJ in orderto save BT.

      • Ladies, thanks you for your thoughts.

        After Kim In Jong has helped Mate in increasing socks selling, she reminded him the promise. But all of the sudden, he decided not to do that, which it means he broke his own words. Until ep 6, as far as I remember, I hv never seen he acted like that. That was what I meant with one step backward, regardless he did ask a favor to KIJ in order to save BT.

    • Ah okey. But I guess Mate’s gesture of not doing what he promised because he is so aware and ashamed of his past,using women with tons of money to give him the comfort in life.
      Looking back at that scene the first time he earned money through real hardwork and determination, I think he has that feeling that finally he has redeemed himself from that shameful way of getting money. I remembered how he was so thankful to Botong, though he said it through the wall but not to Botong. Just looking at him I could say its not only thanks to Botong for that accomplishment of their business, the first feeling of success but more on how Botong helped him redeemed from shameful activities. In the same way that the main reason why he betrayed Kim In Joong because he does not want to disappoint Botong. Try to observe again Mate’s reaction while watching drunk Botong, observe closely how the nuances of Mate’s face when Botong murmured ” Your pretty face will not last”, that simple nuances of Mate’s face speak of volumes.

  5. RNgamefan, Thanks for the recap of Ep7… I was laughing so much when I see BoTong’s face and what Mate did to her is a show of jealousness as BoTong is staying at David’s house and he wants David to be put of by BoTong’s funny look and claiming also the BoTong belongs to him…. gosh.. Mate is really having Suk’s characteristics of Super Do’S (sadistic) which is well known to eels and we just love that since YAB ^_^ also hard outside but soft in the heart…

  6. I have just finished watching the final of ‘Heirs’ and I am now watching ‘pretty man’
    Honestly starting was quite boring, I guess all korea drama are the same. Now is getting better and more interesting
    enough for me to continue watching. I am sure the rating will also be going up!!

  7. RNgamefan, Thanks a lot for making the recap of episode 7. Generally this episode is full of cute and funny scenes, aside from that blood boiling scenes when manipulations of both NHR and KIJ take effect. But they are really effective villains, my emotions were carried away with their evil acts. But I really enjoyed with the Tom & Jerry tandem of Mate and David… hahahaha they are so cute when the subtly antagonizing each other. I love the look of David when he answered the phone saying ” Mother-in-law” its so obvious he teased Mate. And I love the smirk of Mate’s face after he called the police for making disturbance in the neighborhood. And I love the jealous face of Mate saying David had the luxury of eating the food from Botong’s mom… obviously he felt so jealous but making excuses to himself about the food. I admired the writer of this drama, how she spoof issues about people are so used about instant things in everything. That spoof about sink noodles and phones that could be thrown easily when you are angry, peak of volumes, volumes about how we live.

  8. Having lived with crazy people that like to get drunk and fight at 3am the phone thing is hilarious. They also need to go collect up all of the old tube tv’s so the phones can be thrown through them instead of a new one. (I can laugh about it now)

    Ma Te really bit off more than he can chew in this episode and Yoora pushed him into it. He really has more integrity than the other characters give him credit for. His past relationship with Jackie was probably one of the healthiest relationships I’ve seen in a kdrama (communication, etc.) and people assume it was all about the money.

    I am loving how nothing in this show is how it seems yet everything is.

    • Hahaha..I wonder what crazy ideas they will come up next…I use the socks now to dust and polish things thanks to BM…
      The relationship with Jachee was the ultimate he could reach for the kind of relationschip it was..the providing part proposed…but the manipulators prevented them to take it a step further
      But BM Mate is really beautiful and soft from with in but he himself doesn’ t know it yet…in his life he knows only a few who are true to him and where he dares to be himself and BT is on of them. His heart can’t bare to see her suffer and he feels the need to protect..his unconsious mind is starting to wake up with every lesson he gets esp after the one with electric fairy and triggered by his unconsious inner beauty…he knows right and wrong…MT have earn to balance all the new found wisdom and put them to work for him..meanwhile feeling the pressure of things he has to achieve but can’t not share with the one nearest to him…BT and CD knows nothing about his double agenda here so this ofcourse leadsto funny or sad situations…like the one MT had to leave his crew to celebrate their succes while he was ordered to keep his promise…you can see his repulsion already…luckily the phone call from BT saved is a*s…to repay her with the cute drawings on her face…his childish innocent side
      I love the beautymask scene…
      Wonder about the son of NHR..if it’s CD…wonder how it turns around…will CD turn bad because of his mother but will be saved by BT?


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