[Beautiful Man] Episode 9 Preview (Text) from KBS “Bel Ami” Official Website

Spoiler Warning! If you haven’t watched the previous episodes, please be aware of this.
Credit: KBS “Bel Ami”
Poster and Chinese translation by Phoebe Lin
English translation by Springsuk_USA

Myomi announced the big shocking news about herself on the award show made media go frenzy. Kim In Joon (network queen) has no power to control so Mate can get out her trap. To be relieved he meets Myomi again and accepted a surprise proposal from her.
On the other hand, because of an incident , Botong and David get to spend some time together outside city.

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  1. I was wondering why there is no video preview. Thanks for sharing sis Sarah. Another proposal for MaTe? Aigoooo :p. Poor Botongie… Can’t wait for next week.

  2. yes..this drama will become more and more interesting.i wonder if they(mate and myomi) will be a real couple. HYR never mention about this myomi rite? so..maybe he will do thing according to his own instinct and situation.

    mate in ep8 already know how to use his skill which he learned before..just analyzed the scenes when he used botong and cd.kkk..because he know their button.botong’s button is him and cd’s button is botong..he’s succeed to make cd work with him without asking him directly.

    it just the connection thing which he cant mastered yet.so..i bet that KIJ will stay for more ep.

    about NHR’s son..if cd is really his son.then..i predict mate and cd will not only have a love battle but also the battle to take over the MG group.

    • When DM and CD will discover about their parents, their competition will not only for Botong, but who will get biggest share of MG. Of course Yoora would not be left behind. And I think the Evil Step Mom doesn’t like Yoora because they have the same color. Both are great manipulators.

      • maybe mate is park gi seok’s son with her mother..and cd is na hong ran’s son with other guy. if im not mistaken..NHR is the original heir of MG Group..so he dont want the company fall to others hand.i wonder if HYR’s ex-husband is their son..i mean the legitimate son of NHR and the president.

      • I think Yoora’s husband is not Evil step mom’s son. But the son of the Chairman prior the marriage. Try to watch again that part where Yoora was watching old videos, about the business analylists were making comments about Evil Step being unmarried among all the siblings to be having the least possibility to inherit MG Group of companies. And I think the chairman was formerly a politician and having sons before his marriage to Evil Mom. And eventually the other siblings involved in many scandals/crimes and the other died. So the legitimate real owner of MG is the Evil step mom. Maybe David is her son with the man she loves, but didn’t have the potential to run a big conglomerate that’s why she gave up and even the motherhood of her only child. I surmise her envy of Mate’s mother its only a case of a legal wife who is so angry with the other woman but also an anger to woman who who choose over the adversity in life just to be with her child.

      • Maybe that was Evil Step Mom’s own version of choosing money over love, like what Jaek Hee did. I remembered how Mate’s Mom told Botong to be always by Mate’s side when she is no longer there ( that last time she visited the chairman).

  3. WOW Ive been watching Korean dramas for more than a year now in dramafever..and I always read the comments..I finnaly get to watch beautiful man and I was floored by the comments 300 plus whew that’s a lot of comments Im just so speechless..congrats to JKS!!!!

  4. Yu Ra ex husband is the pre-child of the president by an other woman…after that he got married with NHR and this son became the future heir..although NHR was “heir” of MG but only with the power and influence of Mate’s father she was succesful making MG into what it is today…
    O…my there are three parties (or maybe more) in this story…
    The pre-son aka know heir..(with Yu Ra as manupulator)
    Mate…son of the president with a concubine..who has to clean it up
    “maybe” David son of NHR with ???…and what will his role be in this…does he knows at least his mother???
    O…my this network is really getting interesting…
    Can’t wait for the second part of the drama….only 8 episode to go…what will we do with our (drama)life after this

    • Hi Mamacri!

      The story is becoming so interesting. We do not know who is the worst manipulator between NHR and Yoora. We just know the story of how evil is NHR based mostly on Yoora’s version. I’m curious what’s the other side of the story why NHR became so evil. We do not know that her abandoning her son is not her will but also with her parents. In many cases, children of well to do families are forced to marry somebody they do not love, but marry somebody to have advancement and security of their business.

    • OH my Dramalord!!! I haven’t watched this type of intense drama for a long long long time, if not ever!!! My thoughts are running wild and speculating in many different directions…..What if…?? What’s if…this and that happen…??

      Goshhh….everyone in the dramas have each own agendas and secrets…or even demons!!!

      Every lessons in the dramas are soooo valuable and unforgettable!!

      I can’t expressive myself more how much I love Beautiful Man.

  5. and the plot thickens!! who would have guessed cd to be a possible child of the iron lady?! goodness it is getting harder to breathe with each new ep with Sukkie getting more handsome each day and the story getting more exciting! I hope this continues till a perfect ending! BM fightin’! ❤

  6. i think the password didnt exist.maybe HYR didnt get any frm mate’s mother.So..she make a plan..im not sure about her plan but she seems to know a lot..like anything.this story is originally the battle between HYR and NHR. i believe for the second part of this drama..they will reveal the secret one by one. ahh..cant wait for Wednesday to come.

  7. I wish somebody could post a diagram of the family that YooRa showed. It would be easier. I do think she likes to play victim too much to be a good manipulator, if she was any good she would have her kid.

  8. aaah its another crazy marriage proposal here first in jeak hee and now in myomi.and the more exciting here is who is the next girlwho will mate seduct and you guys notice that mate changing his hair style every girl’s life he’s entering and not only this and his hair style I’ve been excited to see in this next ep. but more more more

  9. i love his new look very much, it’s more elegant and more mature, and suits him very much.
    But can anybody tells me what he did he mean by his speech about his feeling towards Kim Bo Tang when he was talking to David?!


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