[Whereabouts] JKS spotted at café

A pic of JKS at a café in Seoul (possibly Twosome café) taken by a Korean fan and uploaded to CY at around 9.30 am on Monday 4 April, though it is not clear when this pic is taken.

I’m quite sure my heart is in a healthy condition, since it always leaps at the sight of JKS… LOL ^^ He’s cute…
There isn’t much news from him, so I’m assuming he’s busy with fan-meeting preparation ….

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13 thoughts on “[Whereabouts] JKS spotted at café”

  1. do you think he look more fresh and A LITTLE bit chubby ? but wait the minute..we can’t see clear his eyes the picture look blur ^^

  2. I hope this was taken April 4/11 ‘coz he looks like he is rested and gained a bit weight, he looks better when he is not too thin. He looks happy too.

    • Very sweet!
      This picture should be recent. JKS is in the same cap and jacket/coat as on the pic posted April 2, with a message/disclosure about April’s fool joke.
      I like to see him relaxed and happy!


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