9 thoughts on “[Magazine] Cri-J issue no. 1 cover page”

    • I don’t think it’s on public sale. Cos a couple of months back, they had an ordering process and one could email to order before their deadline. Quite expensive. Limited edition – 4 issues over a year, and they’ll deliver, even to countries outside Japan.

    • hi Nita,

      I’m not sure of the exact facts, but I have the impression that it’s a collaboration between JKS/Tree-J and the Japanese magazine.
      Maybe it’s the Japanese side that approached JKS with the concept of this magazine.
      And JKS had to take photographs for the 4 issues of Cri-J, and give them interviews etc.
      I think there should be lots of exclusive interviews in there, because the whole mag is about JKS!

      The unfortunate thing is, I think it’s all in Japanese ….


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