Free JKS poster with Zegda purchase

Credits: Zegda

Zegda正大:【活动喜讯】夏日之歌 乐活有礼!正大官方淘宝旗舰店新品缤纷集结,凡购买任一产品,送韩国巨星张根硕精美独家海报。feeling up!让时尚不再随波逐流!

According to Zegda, the above JKS poster will be given as a free gift upon purchase of any of their products.
This is the link to their online store.

I’ve just laminated and pinned up on my wall an A3-size JKS poster from Hot Chili Paper Plus 2010 Summer Special (see pic below), and discovered that I’m in a poster-collecting mood. Am aiming to pin up lots more posters and photos, so when I saw the Zegda poster, I’m sorely tempted to buy a Zegda product online and have both product and poster delivered to Singapore ….. Can someone, anyone please tell me I’m crazy to do that just to get a poster, and bring me to my senses? * looks around hopefully *

I’m also asking Zegda whether they can do a group delivery to Singapore…. so if anyone in SG is interested to place an order, let me know….. (I know I’m crazy….)

18 thoughts on “Free JKS poster with Zegda purchase”

  1. I love the new poster of him and it seems he loose some weight or just the way his photo looks!!!

    I love his new poster, its seems he loose some weight,but anyway its a nice shot of him!!!

  2. Yeah, you’re not alone. I’m also planning to order their product so that I can have the poster…So handsome….

  3. Ivy, You Are Crazy Fanned (ie in a state of being a fan if ever there is such a word?!!!) in a GOOD Way!!! How could you possibly SLEEP with Keun Suk looking at you like that (laminated and pinned-up presumably in your bedroom.)? Anyway, “THAT” is one of my favourite photos and can’t blame you for succumbing to a poster collecting craze. Don’t forget that there is still his Europe trip photo shoot which I am sure will yield some amazing, captivating pictures so be sure to leave some for later!:)

  4. I WANT!!! I need to decorate my home office, what’s more encouraging than JGS??? It will makes me want to get up and sit in front of my desk lol

  5. hi Vanessa and all,

    Afraid I changed my mind (again!) about buying Zegda product, sorry!

    (1) I cannot activate my account on that Chinese Taobao purchase website, so I cannot place order. Suspect that they don’t recognise overseas accounts ( a bit strange) … and Zegda is not very responsive to messages.

    (2) at the sound advice of my accountant friend who has managed to pull me back into rationality, well, it doesn’t make much financial sense for this purchase.

    so sorry… anyway, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other JKS stuff that is more convenient to purchase and I’m sure equally nice if not better! ^^

    • I just realise that I can also print my collection of JKS pics and pin those up too…. that should help to curb my poster craving for some time ^^

  6. Aphrael your not the only one crazy lol

    i only watched your beautiful last month after seeing JKS & found out he was having a FM in Singapore i have book tkt & is flying in from Australia crazy much lol 😀

    • You’re flying in from Australia! By yourself?
      Been to Singapore before?

      An important question for new fans …. have you watched his other dramas and movies? ^^

  7. Yup flying in from Australia wit my husband (after alot of nagging lol) cant wait for the FM i have been to Singapore once!

    Jst finish watching MSOAN does it matter whether i have watch other dramas or not coz i was hooked after your beautiful mind you my husband got me to watch it at first i refuse coz it was produce in 09 & didnt want to watch old stuff lucky i did 🙂

    • Cool…. other JKS’ movies you may wish to watch is “Baby and Me” and “The case of Itaewon Homicide”.
      “Hong Gil Dong” is a 2008 drama (highly recommended…pls bear with first 4 episodes though) – I was simply bowled over by JKS’ acting skill when he acted in this drama at the age of 21!


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