4 thoughts on “[Fan-cam1] JKS Arrives At Haneda Airport in Japan_20131210”

  1. Awwww….there are LOTs LOTs of fans greeting him at the airport, in this type of cold freezing environment.

    I bow my head to Blue eels, who always show love and support for Jang Keun Suk.

    I’m always amazed with Blue eels’ orderly love and respectful manners, too.

    I feel like crying with happiness seeing him being loved like that….awwwww…!!

    How ironic life can be, he is made in Korea, but he shines soooo much brighter somewhere else outside of Korea?? A trash in one country, a valuable treasure in other countries!!!

    After seeing all his Aiport pictures…..Sukkie does look sooooo TIRED. I wish he have some rest soon.

  2. Hi dear Tenshi .I can just tell you ,,Thanks alot,,
    You and your group are really hardworking and determined .Happy new year and Merry christmas to all you.during this year i,most of days i surff yr nice and update website .i hope one day i can do alittle work for you .God protect you and bless you.
    Thanks in advance .with the best wishes for all you

  3. Thank you for sharing all these videos. It is a pleasure to see our prince is appreciated and loved the way he deserves to be in Japan.
    I’m grateful to our Blue eels for always giving him a warm welcome and showing their love and support to our prince.


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