[article] Fans of Jang Keun Suk gave cheers with the meal cart.. To support ‘The Pretty Man’

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[OSEN=Yoon Gai] Fans of the actor Jang Keun Suk, who are from all around the world, made the shooting site of KBS ‘The Pretty Man’ hotter by sending hot cheers through ‘The meal cart relay’

In ‘The Pretty Man’, Jang Keun Suk, who plays the role Dokgo Matte, shakes the minds of the viewers with his fatal personality that is almost like a devil and also with thousands of charms coming from such personality. The fans of Jang Keun Suk gave up on their weekends to cheer for the actors, actresses and staff members who are putting a lot of effort into shooting the drama. The fans have prepared a huge-scale relay and are raising the morale at the shooting site.
Since the first shooting of the drama, the meal cart relay is continuing until now. The meal cart relay by the fans of Jang Keun Suk usually takes place twice a week and four times a week at most.
Various menus starting from a simple lunch box, Seolleongtang (Ox bone soup), Galbitang (Short rib soup), fast food cart and the luxurious buffet and so on and also coffee as a dessert, the fans prepared a full course menu for about 100 people. As a result, it was heard that there is an endless laughter coming from the shooting site. In addition, there is a endless waiting list of meal carts to support Jang Keun Suk, proving Jang Keun Suk’s hot popularity once more.
Also, Cri-J, Jang Keun Suk’s official fan club, other than the meal cart, provided the staff members who frequently shoots all night with toiletries, warm t-shirt, padding vest and warm tumbler and so on and is adding to the heartwarming mood.
In addition, the fans of Jang Keun Suk made ‘Fans are not allowed to enter the shooting site’ as a rule and by doing so, they have been shown consideration for Jang Keun Suk and other actors so that they can concentrate more on the shooting and have meal in a more relaxed manner and so on. They have shown moderate and positive fan culture.
In regards to this, Jang Keun Suk said “Because I have fans who always send cheers, I am not even aware the fact that I am freezing in this cold weather and is able to concentrating on the shooting. In my effort to give back the love, I will show that I am putting much more effort” and sent his mind of gratitude.
Meanwhile, in the previous episode of ‘The Pretty Man’, it was shown that Dokgo Matte (Jang Keun Suk) starts to like Bo Tong (IU) more and more without even realizing and gave the feeling of anticipation towards how the story will unfold in upcoming episodes.
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16 thoughts on “[article] Fans of Jang Keun Suk gave cheers with the meal cart.. To support ‘The Pretty Man’”

  1. Sending all the love & cheers to eels all over the world. Thank you so much for loving & supporting our star Jang Keun Suk! Cri J ofc thank you so much for making everything possible for welcoming international eels. This is really so touching woooooooooooow!!! Jangkeunsukforever!!!

  2. Awwwww…..reading this article make me teary eyes. So much love and support from fans around the world.

    I am so proud to be one of his eels. I am so proud he is my STAR. I am NOT wrong to choose you as my STAR. I am sure..!!!!

    Upon reading this heart-warming article…..suddenly I remember some of Jang Keun Suk’s wisdom Quotes:

    1. “No matter which country fans are from, they leave a deep impression on me, and I have many wonderful memories.” – JKS

    2. “I know that a sincere heart and truth are the only break-through solutions to deceit and conflict (war). I feel that the genuine me is what connects people to people.”

    3. “Obviously there is sincerity, but sometimes it is not seen, and is noticed very much later than hypocrisy. Even if other people insult me and scold me, so long as I have the correct truth, I have me.”

    4. The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect. It is not possible to always get a 100%. But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript.

    5. If you trust JKS and Love JKS, no matter who you are~I would like to give you a hug and my trust. – JKS from old fanpage **Awww..my dream is to get a hug from you….

    6. “Everyone hopes to bring something with them on their last journey; for me, a script is enough.”

    …..> I cried reading this quote yet again…. especially witnessing the Beautiful Man’s issue in Korea….T.T

    7. “If one feels proud of one’s career, one can live upright and frank regardless of time and place. That is the real life of an actor. What is important is not to show others, but to have an upright and frank attitude towards oneself.” – JKS

    8. “I’m not ashamed to fail or give up. Even so, I’m just irritating myself. I’m not scared of being seen my failure by others. I may fall and get injured. At times like that, please cheer me up. Of course! You can ignore me. I can bounce back. I’m a super positive person!” – JKS from 10asia

    ME: I wish the world can see the REAL JKS and judge him by themselves how grand and sincere JKS is, and learn to respect him as he is. I wish the people on the opposite can open their hearts and minds to see JKS is just a simple humble actor who tries his very best to fulfill everyone’s expectations, especially his eels, and NOT judge him so harshly based on mouth-to-mouth bad rumors. As JKS said, “If everything is judged from the surface, that would be a great shame.”

    Sukkie, I admire your passion: when you work, you work hard; when you play, you play equally hard. Your confident is reflecting in your actions and words you said. Your determination and focus on achieving your unwavering dreams win me over and over again. All that you did and do are inspirations to me.

    Sukke, Go Go Go… Zikzin to the World!!!!!

    P.S. For those eels who have not read JKS’ wisdom quotes before….I highly recommend you all to go Watch ECI’s Videos, all about JKS quotes, on YouTupe. Every quotes would touch your hearts in many levels.

    • Kailey once again…you put it so beautifully..thanks for you loving our prince so much..

      This young man is very remarkable…he is wise beyond anyone I can imagine…
      And of course he is a normal young man with all needs and feelings…he is human.
      But he did earn his wisdom by staying sincere as his mother taught him and savor the spicy lessons of life….
      In the passed 20 years people(society) did not only put a heavy workload on him but also a mental burden as to force him to be anything but himself..penalties attached
      He had to swim upstream against all odds…He has no “muscle” body to show for it but it got him unbreakable spirit, great stamina, loads of possitiveness and ingeniousness and yet he is kind, loving, cheerful and always in for a joke..

      I think some people maybe scared of him…afraid he might find them out/see right through them..so attack is a way to keep him a bay instead of learning to understand him scared they might even admire or like him..
      They might find it/him strange he still did not tripped and fall and got all bitter…instead he is shining more and more with each strike and care less and less about the things others think or might find very important…
      He puts great importance to his family, friends & eels..while following and loving him they might also learn things that can make them feel good about themselves and others….he wants to give us that…

    • Kailey thank you so much for reminding us of these wonderful amazing wisdom from Sukkie.

      @ Mamacri – i just don’t sometimes understand why they have to keep him at bay??? What’s the logic on that JKS is their sons, brothers, friends their very own, proud of who he is, of his country…???

    • Kailey, thank you very much and love to read your comments. I am crying too when I read the No.6 JKS’ wisdom quotes.

      I am proud to be his eel and he is also my ONLY star that I love and admire!

  3. Kailey, I always admire for putting into all those lines and quotes. My deepest admiration for this man is not only based on how handsome is his face, his many talents, but his core values which a lot of his countrymen did not see. Well, the greatness of an authentic man will always be noticed in bigger scale. Many of his countrymen did not see those good values but the world see it.

  4. Whoa, I m fluttered reading this. I feel honored as one his little tiny fan remembering the positive attitude from those fans who give him and all Pretty Man staffs. So happy to read this. Thank so much Tenshi for sharing it.

  5. I am also reading this touching article with teary eyes! Big hugs and thanks to all eels around the world who show love and support to our ONLY Star!

    Sukkie and all staff of BM, Fighting and Zikzin!

  6. Sukkie dear, please know that our love is beyond words for the person that you are and what you make of us. It is true that the first detractors of great people are the ones nearest to them so when you feel low just look up to sky because that is where your true eels send all the love to watch over you wherever you are. we are so proud of you always! Zikzin!!
    Thanks for sharing this tenshi!

  7. I have said it many times in the past 2 years that I have been an Eel…

    That Jang Keun Suk’s greatest gift to his Eels, is not just himself…
    But each other.

    I am so happy to be an Eel, basking in the sunshine and warmth of JKS’ smile.


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