6 thoughts on “[pics-1] JKS Departure from Gimpo Airport to Japan_20131210”

  1. Really nice as always… I even like his fuller round face and new under chin 🙂

    He just needs to get rid of the dead animal that he’s wearing and it’ll be perfect!


    • I love you Jazzy. Trying to put our Prince in the right track. I know it’s warm under these furs but the synthetic ones can be more beautiful and warmer. Anyway, he looks awesome with this hairstyle and well shaven face.

  2. Oh, my God!!!, if this is when he is tired …
    In these pictures he looks very masculine and hot
    I love the way she wears her hair in these pictures ……
    and the shadow of the beard

    • hahaha…you mean HE….very macho and hot…
      I’m glad Sukkie announced before on twitter he would be keeping his sunglasses on..
      I’m very happy he did…those flashlights of the many professional cameras must have hurt his tired eyes…poor thing…and yet he is smiling…where can you meet such happy soul…only JKS


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