[10.12.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE

UPDATE: I replaced the English LINE version
I won’t take off my sunglasses~. I have bloodshot eyes from fatigue…. but..I..still look radiant….xD
きょうはグラサンはずせない~ めがじゅうけつしすぎて.. それでもかがやくだろうけど..

14 thoughts on “[10.12.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. Poor Sukkie… When I saw this, my eyes became watery… Your hardworking professionalism deserves a good rest and sleep. Even for a short time, please close your eyes and relax. As you said, you are always our only shining star. Eels are always looking at you. You give us energy to shine ourselves too.

    Today is the first day of EmZEPP Tokyo. You must be very tired after overnight shooting, but I hope meeting a lot of eels will give huge energy for your tomorrow ^^

    • hi tenshi, thank you for your sharing

      In the pic, it seems that he put his upper body on a couch but the lower body is still in sitting position. I might be wrong.

      Out of topic, I saw somewhere the pics of his new hairstyle for the next transformation in Bel Ami. Looking forward for you or sis Springsuk to share them with us here.


      • Tenshi..thanks for sharing

        Rham..guess you are right..sleeping with his suit on…rushing rushig rushing…and yet he is still shining…yilini
        Hope his voice is good even if he is so tired…it’s straight to rehearsal..and maybe, hopefully an hour left for a power nap…my heart aches for my poor Babyboy

  2. don’t stress yourself darling, close your eyes and rest a while, everything will be fine, take care of yourself, you know we love you and care, Mary love you always

  3. Really want to rock him to a deep sleep, my poor Prince. I want to see Pretty Man so vain as the man in Carly Simon’s song “You’re So Vain”. In my dream I saw our Prince wearing a scarf in apricot color, dancing gavotte. OMG, he is getting better and better in his acting.

  4. He, as well as the other casts and crew, deserves to have proper amount of sleep. He is truly a hard worker. A good example for others.

  5. Yes Prince, you still look beautiful and radiant even if u r tired!
    Rest when you can.
    Eels will give u energy!
    Our support will never rest.

  6. Oh, poor fella 🙁

    I hope he’ll manage to get some rest before the concerts. He’s young and in full force but tiredness gets us all eventually!

    Peace out!


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