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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! A million thanks…this is the one that I have been waiting for many days. I know, when EELS would write recaps its always AWESOME!

    • I love this recap….I felt the whole episode passing through my body again…heavy breathing; hot fantasies…chills, warm feelings, smiles, laughs, excitement..etc..
      O my…can’t wait for episode 3….

      thanks for making and sharing this…The writer Runa Nona is a fab writer…applause

      • Mamacri, that’s the reason why dramabeans made recap only for episode 1(JOKE) because EELS are excellent writers kkk. They are not at par with how EELS would do recaps.kkkk

  2. Excelleeeeent! Go go go! Pretty Man indeed opened many people inspiration! Reading this, i feel as if i was watching again the drama. Thank you so much sis..

  3. It was an awesome first episode and sis Runa Nona you did a good job with your recap.
    I came to see during your recap, the depth of character Jang Keun Suk is giving Dokgo Mate. I realized Dokgo Mate was more than a Gold-digger… I could tell he cared for his mother. But through your recap I came to realize that as in most cases with an actor, Jang Keun Suk is somewhat drawing on his own personality and his own feelings to artfully craft this new persona we have come to care for as Dokgo Mate. We already knew from seeing drawings of the manga that the role seemed to be made just for him. But, now we see how he does indeed, through his acting skills, make the role his very own!

    And yes, everywhere I read reviews of Beautiful Man, I read how charming IU is as Kim Bo Tong. And how Eels everywhere are identifying with her character!

  4. thanks for the awesome recap…very detailed it’s like i’m watching episode 1 again…i love that scene with Louis jr. it’s hilarious 😀

  5. Oh my dear Ruba (who is known as ‘Cri-J’ here), your detailed and superb description made me smile and cry!!!!! I shouldn’t have read this on my way to work in a train… I couldn’t stop my tears start welling up… Even episode 1 made us viewers hooked into BM. I haven’t experienced such before. Best balanced between fantasy and reality. Can’t wait to read your thoughts and recaps on episode 2 as well as watch episode 3 tonight! Thanks again!

    • Runa sis.. thanks for the beautiful recap!!! Me too.. I’m hooked by this drama since ep1 and after many years after YAB…. I’ve rewatched for at least 3 times…. really breaking my record for YAB…

  6. Ruba my dear sis, your insight into Ma Te’s character is deep. I didnt notice them till you brought it to light. Cant wait to read ep 2 and the rest of drama recaps done by people familiar to us 🙂

  7. Sis Ruba, thank you so much for writing review and recap of Beautiful Man (BM). At first, I must admit, I was a little sad thinking that no EELs want to write review about BM.

    Then voila…….here is the 1st review by no other person then one of our beloved sister, Ruba. Needless to say, I am super happy girl now. Sis, you did awesome job with 1st episode recap. I enjoy reading it so much. I feel like I’m watching the whole episode again.

    The review of 1st episode by nature must be the hardest to do, right sis!!! You might have lots lots lots of ideas and thoughts how to write so that you can be able to capture the depth and meaning of each scenes and characters. BRAVO!!! You did it, sis. You totally can convey me (I’m sure many other people who reading your review) to believe and understand this drama better and know more about each character a little bit.

    My confession…… when I first found out that Sukkie signed on for Beautiful Man, I was shocked and not quite happy much about it because based on my reading here and there about Dokgo MaTe’s character, a lazy playboy, a seducer of 10 women. Even worst….the words, a gigolo and a male gold digger, came into my mind. Oh..Oh…NOOOOO…!! How on the world I would be able to like this type of character, even my beloved Jang Keun Suk is the one acting out this role??

    So my first impression of Dokgo MaTe was not a pleasant or good one. I am, a 100% fan, thinking bad and negative about Dokgo MaTe this way…….. I could not imagine what other people (non fans) would think when they read the description of Dokgo MaTe. Not in a good way for sure, unless those people already know the story from reading the manga.
    Any way, after watching the 1st episode, I was in shocked again……Beautiful Man is not what I original thought or believed about it. Really!!! Beautiful Man actually has depth and very unique interesting plots.

    The 1st episode has very things a good drama should be: great story lines with sexiness, cuteness, humorous, and sad feelings scenes.

    The producers also did a GREAT, too. They done a nice editing works, perfect transition changing scenes, flashback scenes are not just to fill up the empty drama space, but actually scenes for revealing clues and keys to some mysteries.

    Just from watching only 1 episode, I love this drama already!!!! I’m hooked, can’t wait to find out what’s next..??

  8. Hello and thanks alot….oh!!,
    Icannot explain my feeling no about movie but about your nice and hard working …..
    I really surprised if only abit keun suk knows and serfs your web …..Any way thank you

  9. “(Editor’s note: Jang Keun Suk’s acting here is superb, his eyes, his tears, his moves fully expressed the deep sorrow he had for losing his most beloved the person in the world, his mother. Viewers will cry with him here, I feel I can’t miss these shots for his 1st episode.)”
    Agree! Some people commented that he ‘ruined’ the drama by overacting the crying scene but I think of it differently. It’s so realistic for me to see a son who loves his mum, the only family he has, up to the point that he even swallows his own pride to be able to provide a better life for her, cried his heart out when his mum passed away. If It happened to me, I would also cry like a baby or even fainted because I love my mum so much and the thought of losing her hurt me so bad. Oh geez… Even when I see the screenshots again for this scene, I shed another tear. It’s so heartbreaking.
    To be honest, I started watching this drama with a mixed feeling: one the one hand, I was excited because it’s JKS’ comeback. On the other hand, I lowered my expectation when I first read the synopsis. However… BAM! Watching it twice, reading some recaps… And LOVING IT!

  10. Daebak!!! Thank you so much for this very detailed recap Sis Ruba! I enjoyed Episode 1 with so much fan girling that I admit I don’t pay as much attention as you did about the details,but your recap makes me really understand the EP 1…thanks!!! ^_^

  11. Dear Sis Ruba,

    I have rewatch Episode 1 three times and reading your detail recap is just like i am rewatching episode 1 again with all the image in my mind while reading your writing. It is such a wonderful recap and write up. Thank you so much.

    Episode 1 is really heart quenching especially on the emotional crying scene.

    His emotion drive us together to the scene and without notice we laugh, smile and cry together with him.

  12. I expect the drama will be a comedy all the way. What I did not expect is, it’s full of emotion too in 1 episode. WOW!!! No wonder Sukkie chose this drama because his character has many layer which we can only see part of it at the moment. Salute all the cast and crew for their acting and creativity. The first episode introduce us to all the most important characters in the drama and for me Yura is still a mysterious lady in it. Waiting for further episode to see what will happen. Sukkie acting is excellent and I can see much improvement. I a bias but he really shine whether in funny scene or emotional scene. I’m feel can feel how he love his mom and the pain he felt when she die. His special talent is the way he convey it with his eyes.

    Sis Runa your recap is so beautifully done. Love all the details in your recap.

  13. I definitely can relate to Bo Tongie.. The day she laid her eyes on him, she instantly became an “eel”.. Hahahaha… Thanks for the recap, I’m quite sad that dramabeans will not continue the recap but when I saw this post, hooray!! Good Job! ^_^


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