[pics] ECI Rice Wreath Pictures from “Beautiful Man” Press Conference_20111119

Credit: Dreame.co.kr twitter

The company who handles rice wreath donation for drama press conference has tweeted all the rice wreath pictures from “Beautiful Man” press conference. Go to the above the link to check if your fan club has donated. Here are the pictures of ECI/Jangkeunsukforever.com’s rice wreath. For more detail about our rice wreath, please click HERE



8 thoughts on “[pics] ECI Rice Wreath Pictures from “Beautiful Man” Press Conference_20111119”

  1. Beautiful! So happy that our wreaths were given notice. Sukkie truly deserves the international recognition that he is receiving now and forever.

  2. Awesome!!! thank you Dreame too for sending all the pictures on twitter!! although we can’t physically be there at the press conference to support our prince, knowing our rice wreaths are there got us really excited and thrilled!! Beautiful eels from 63 countries for 1 beautiful man, JKS!! 🙂 Beautiful man, Zikzin to the WORLD!

    • Hazy, did you notice the ribbon is pink in the last picture but in the main banner, it is blue… does it means they prepare extra for JangKeunSukforever.com? ^_^

      • QQ!!! you are so observant!!! wow i didn’t notice that!! yeah the side banners were blue in the huge 1000kg rice wreath, but the last pic has pink side banners! wow!!

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