8 thoughts on “[video-1] Rice Wreath for “Beautiful Man” at Press Conference_20131118”

  1. Thank you to the camera-man or camera-girl for taping this event for all eels around the world to witness our fruitful hard works.

    Woww…the whole hallway is filling up with JKS rice wreathes. Totally AWESOME Beautiful..!!! DaeBak!!

    Soooo proud of all the eels around the world for participating in this event!!!

  2. I think i saw papa Jang 1:23. I couldn’t imagine how he must be feeling seeing his beloved son receiving so much love & support from his eels all over the world. Speechless…

    • Yes i thought i saw papa Jang at ard 1:24 too; loving proud papa taking pics of all the rice wreaths for his son to see!!! it’s awesome to see so many countries over the world supporting JKS the WORLD PRINCE! 🙂

  3. I was browsing through Dreame’s twitter account @dreamecokr and now feeling very emotional.
    I wonder if that is how our Prince felt when he walked into the press con venue yesterday.

    The whole place was filled with rice wreaths and almost all from his eels to him.

    But what got me very teary is the fact that the wreaths are from all over the world, really amazing….

    Rice wreaths were spotted from :
    Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Chile, Colombia,Turkey, Arab, USA, Argentina.

    Of course, our ECI and JKSForever wreath represented 63 countries, so……..

    World Price – ZIKZIN!!

  4. Watching this on video makes it even more grant…wow…it’s like a jungle of rice wreath…I even saw the eggs wreath from the HK eels…
    Next time I’ll put the Dutch flag on it too…
    I don’t know what happened that made this event skipped my mind…must be “old age” ..
    Maybe I can start donating upfront for whatever will take place in the future…


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