4 thoughts on “[Pics-6] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ press conference_20131118”

  1. yeah, I agreed, it is so different from MMM press conference where he was so happy, relax and enjoying every moment – this at time he looked bored, especially at the beginning, and little communication among the casts – like you said, the atmosphere very tense and dry. However, Sukkie did well

  2. He is more at ease with Han, cause she volunteer to hold his hand – at times, Sukkie looked awkward, not knowing where to put his hands – ha ha – very very different from MMM, where GeunGeun couple were so close, cuddling and holding, chatting and whispering to each other all the time – Proud that GeunGeun couple fans still sent in the rice wreath – we support both of them all the time whether they are together or apart(sad)

  3. IU fans told she is kinda reserved and shy , So Sukkie simply kept a comfortable distance often it looked awkward but glad to see his comfort level with HCY.
    Can I ship them kekeke 🙂
    I think the distance the actors keep from eachother , less chances of getting into dating rumors. Good for Sukkie hehe but Where is our Playful Keun Chan . I missed him.


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