[Rice Wreaths] ‘Beautiful Man, ZIKZIN to the World!’

Yay! We did it again! To send our cheers and supports for Jang Keun Suk’s new drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’, we jangkeunsukforever.com blog and Eels’ Club International (ECI) donated 1,000 kg rice wreath for the press conference. Last time, at the ‘Love Rain’ press conference, ECI members were from around 30 countries… But now, eels from 63 countries are our members. This time we designed the main banner to describe him well as World Prince. Please look close at the banner. Can you see Jang Keun Suk was made of national flags? This is a mosaic art by Sao Sokunthea Meng!
main banner
On the banner, there is a big message we’ve promised our Prince before.
We sent it as a video message as New year’s greetings , but this time we put it in a big banner ^^
[Video] “2013 Greetings: This is Our Promise From Eels All Over The World”

No matter where you are…
Or how far your dreams are…
eels all over the world will always be with you
Our promise

And lastly there are names of eels’ countries at the bottom.
Plus, our message, ‘Beautiful eels from 63 countries for 1 Beautiful Man’.

And to support this main banner, we made an additional design by Ana Petallana!
’64 countries (including his country, Korea) supporting Jang Keun Suk’
A4 banner

This is the real picture of our rice wreaths. We’re so touched to see this is real! We hope he’ll be happy to see them. Jang Keun Suk, our World Prince, Please keep Zikzin to the world! We’re always with you!
real pic

[Rice wreaths] for ‘Love Rain’ press conference

36 thoughts on “[Rice Wreaths] ‘Beautiful Man, ZIKZIN to the World!’”

  1. wow! so big banner……i’m so proud of being his eel. i would like to thank my fellow eels especially all the admins for all their efforts and hard works just to make our world prince happy. we also forgot that the anniversary of ECI was last November 16 because everybody were excited for the coming press conference and of course the showing of BM on the 20th. i’m looking forward for the success of this drama…..

  2. Such a proud project…too bad I did not have the chance to participate…next time I’ll do better..
    Anyway you eels did Daebak!!!!
    Sukkie must feel very proud and happy to see this…such recognition from eels all over the world…
    Beautiful Man, Beautiful Boy, Bel Ami….come come…we eels all over the world are waiting for you…

  3. wow i am very happy the banner was so nice .i am very happy that my country also one of the part in that banner.i am from india.i am proud of u jks i love u u u so much forever.definetly ur going to rock saranghae oppa love u…….

  4. Today Is a very big day for all of us.(for eels around the world)Our prince Jang Keun Suk’s new drama was revealed to the world.They said this is the largest rice wreath donation .What an awesome news for us .We all eels did it for the name of suki.
    He is extreamly happy and greatful for his eels.
    He said we “eels” saved his name today.
    same time am so greaful for ECI team and JKSforever for making this project a reality. I can see my country’s flag (srilanka) in that huge banner which makes me totally happy.
    I felt that I am truly a member of this eel family.
    No words can express my feelings and love to my fellow eels
    wishing all the best for Pretty Man to be a super hit in this era..
    coz this is his era Prince JKS’s era
    Let us zikzin together with him…..
    Love you

  5. I am so grateful to all of you eel about you and put my country Bulgaria really thank you very much and I look forward to the drama and the banner is so big and beautiful and happy anniversary by ECI thank the whole team amazing eel very good work you have done

  6. It was a fantastic effort made by ECI and JKSforever! Our presence is felt and he has also publicly acknowledged us – oversea fans for our support. We just do what we have to do. If only we can drink to today’s lovely event!

  7. wow! this banner is so amazing. :))). im sure our prince will be so proud to all who make this beautiful banner.:))

    so proud that PHILIPPINES. is included. :3

    ~> pinay here

  8. My Bow and Salute to the admin who did the great hardworks and congratulation to all who help to make this project will be success, PROUD I AM to be a part of ECI ZIKZIN!!!

  9. We did it!! We did it!!! Thank you to all who contributed for the good cause of helping the needy, at the same time show support to Sukkie. Mostly thanks to QQ and Kaori for all your hard work in organizing the event. Ofcourse, much thanks to Sao & Ana for the banner designs. We have more in store but lets keep that a surprise 🙂

    Lastly, here’s wishing ECI happy 2nd Anniversary and let’s ZIKZIN together in the years to come!!!

    PS: Here’s calling our dearest Founder Aphrael/Rienne/Ivy to give a ‘speech’ kkk!!!

  10. I by all might will support our Prince forever. I am so proud of this achievement. 1000kgs. Its a significant number to contribute and more importantly is to share our good deeds for those who in needs. I also blessed to know good friends through ECI. Lets we continue to support our Prince and keep our promise to him forever. And of course our friendship too. Zikzin!

  11. Sukkie must be so proud of his eels , especially his eels from all over the world for their support.. The koreans will know how much he is loved by fans outside his own country. Thank U to all the admins from ECI for making this project a success 🙂

  12. I’m happy and glad to see so many eels sister support our beautiful prince Jang Keun Suk! The design of the rice wreath was beautiful made and the most important that our love to him will never end. Thank you for all great work from all the eel sisters which made this support banner happen. Zikzin to our Jang Keun Suk and all eels sisters around the world!!! Fighting “예 쁜 남 자” ^^*

  13. JKS must be truly touched by all the love and support he gets from all over the world. I hope the news coverage gets the attention of the Koreans and make them want to find out why foreign fans love him so much to the extent of supporting him thru so many projects such as rice wreaths, pushcart advertisments in supermarkets in korea, wrapping bus adverts ( undertaken by chinese eels) to show support for his new drama.

    My heartfelt appreciation to all eel sisters for making this project a success. Our prince must be a very happy boy today 🙂

  14. First of all, my head bows to all the GREAT Admins and all the beautiful eels sisters and brothers, who participate in this rice wreathe project. The Banner looks AWESOME and the message totally represents our feelings from eels all over the world!!!!

    My heart is soooo full of love and proud of our ECI Admins and sisters and bros here. Thank you, million thanks to all EELs for showing your support and love.

    No words to say to describe how much feel ….. how PROUD I am with all of EELs’ action around the world to support Jang Keun Suk, supporting his new Drama. EELs stand united together to support Sukkie when it matters most. I can feel the feeling of being PROUD and unconditional love must be flowing from each one of you, for supporting Sukkie in this wonderful meaningful event.

    Time again and again, eels have demonstrate unselfish actions and free offerings from generous hearts to the less fortunate children or people in this world. At the same time, what’s a great way to show our love for our STAR and the world!!! I’m sooo touched with all the wonderful actions that eels created due to inspirations from JKS, our beloved STAR. Sukkie is really bless and lucky person to be loved unconditionally by all of you.

    Jang Keun Suk, I promise you, with honesty of my heart, I’ll always be your eel, will always love and support you in whatever projects you will produce. I always believe in you. I AM PROUD YOU ARE MY STAR and I am proud to be your EEL!!!!!


  15. Eels are loyal and Daebak. Our prince deserves all the love that he is getting. Unfortunately I couldn’t be a part if this event event as am a new Eel . Have already placed my request to join ECI , ai hopefully the next time I can show my support. Happy to see the Indian flag in the Banner 🙂
    We love Sukkie 🙂

  16. Dear Kaori, sorry that I am so ignorant about the Rice Wreath. What is it? I know that Koreans send wreath to people when there is an opening ceremony, birthday, wedding day, and funerals but what is this Rice Wreath. is there a donation to get a ton of rice for donation on the Prince’s behalf in order to celebrate the first episode of BM?

    Btw, watching the YouTube on the interview, I could not understand a word but I did follow the 4 episodes. I found it was like an academic Q&A session, very dry. Mostly the questions were projected to our Prince. He was the center of all. Of course I can’t take my eyes of him, soooo good looking with very lovely shiny forehead, piercing eyes, and love smile. I noticed he only looked at IU once. It is as if their chemistry has not worked yet. Anyway, who ever directed this interview session, gets a thumb down from me.

    • I have yet to watch all the vids but my experience is that when Sukkie has events or interviews in Korea; and that is not so often he is a bit uptide…well maybe not a bit but a lot..
      If we compare it when he’s abroad he is so relax and funny and engaging…and all the presentors and MC’s just can’t help but fall in love with him…and so do we..over and over again…
      I just want to hold him when he’s having these kind of pig situations in Korea…my boy is so cautious and restrained…I feel for him, I can almost cry…

  17. We broke the record. Really?

    Tweet from criJ:
    장근석공식팬클럽Cri-J @JKS_cri_j3
    Total amount of rice wreaths is 16.36 tons! It makes a new record in the press conference history!! Really proud of you,all eels in the world! Thanks!!

    Wow!! Eels are truly amazing!^^

  18. Thank you to all admins. for putting all of this together. All the banner and rice wreath look great! Prince should be proud of all his eels! Great thing happen when eels come together… <3

  19. Wow! :-)Congratulations, eels! You have all done an excellent job! I regret not being able to participate in this project, but please know that my heart is always with the rest of the eels from all over the world. Let’s all Zikzin together for our Beautiful Man!


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