[article] Pretty Boy Jang Keun-suk, continue the KBS male series hit or not?

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[OSEN=Park Jeong-sun] Actor Jang Keun-suk will be returning on screen through new Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy’ and carry the torch of successful KBS male series drama.

On 18th afternoon, Jang Keun-suk appeared in KBS 2TV new Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy’ press conference held at Dubhe hall of Imperial Palace in Nonhyun-dong Seoul announcing the start.

‘Pretty Boy’ story will center on Dok Go-mate’s success and growth as he encounter ten women in their super class. He will co-star with IU who will be playing ‘really normal girl’ and feature unpredictable romance together.

The production company Group8 and KBS showed strong confidence in their new drama. KBS drama department director Lee Kang-hyun said “In KBS there were many male drama series like ‘No Such Thing As Nice Guys’, ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘The Equator Man’, and so on. I am sure that this will again be one of the successful male series. This is not just about play boy but is a success drama. About ten successful women will be showing their charms in the drama other than the four leading characters.”
Production company group8 CEO showed high expectations comparing with the ‘Boys Over Flower’ which was produced by group 8 in 2009. The drama was a big hit aired in KBS. Song CEO said “We are expecting greater hit than ‘Boys Over Flower’ we will be expressing through our work.”

Jang Keun-suk’s role is obviously important in this drama. He will be feeling a lot of pressure. Still he is maintaining relaxed and confident attitude. He said, “I would like to re-gain my name Jang Keun-suk as real actor. I would like to step forward in just being called as Japan Keun-jjang.” He added “When I was first offered the role, I thoroughly read the original work. It was so interesting that I thought it was worth challenging.”

‘Pretty Boy’ will be fighting against highly-expected works in the end of the year. One is the currently airing SBS drama ‘The Heirs’ and the follow up drama ‘You Came from the Stars’. It will be not easy. However, ‘Pretty Boy’ is showing off confidence. They are stating that they will maintain the success relay of male series hits.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ Lee Min-ho, ‘No Such Thing As Nice Guys’ Song Joong-ki, ‘The Equator Man’ Uhm Tae-woong, all successfully led the male series dramas in to great hits. Many are curious whether the Jang Keun-suk’s ‘Pretty Boy’ can also become the next successful male series as well.


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  1. Don’t know if he will beat the other drama’s or not; it does not matter to me…but one thing is for sure…he will be Daebak no matter what..
    JKS acting makes them all memorable…
    He made YAB…as HTK…imagen YAB without JKS….
    JKS in BOF (he was first choice for that; but he wanted the other role that was already given; a role wich was already made unforgettable by Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden…he would have left a indisputable deep impression too…
    (but reversing the leads in YAB and BOF I don’t think the other would have made HTK in what HTK is…
    Even as Seo Yun….very unique..
    I’m sure JKS will also become DGM….JKS synonymously to DGM!!!!!


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