7 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 1_27(part1)”

    • After I find the new way or just need to wait for a while to subscribe it on iPhone or Android, I’ll update here. Eels are always faster to know than the official announcement :p

      • Such a lovely program with lots of reflection of the eels at 27 and the Prince himself reflecting from his heart. Thank you very much Sis Tenshi and JKSforever team. Listening to this I found that my life at the age of 67 is so beautiful though not as exciting as the Prince who is always on his roller coaster. The beauty is from living one’s life fully in whatever you are good at and being contented to it. That will bring you happiness. Following my Prince is one of my route to happiness, so thanks a lot for your love of the Prince that provides this wonderful webpage for all of us.

      • Thanks Tenshi and all the others who took up the task to sub this…
        This podcast ZIKZIN radio is really meaningful..not only we get some eels but also Sukkie reflections on topics…
        I love to hear him talking about small things happening in his life and personal dreams…straight from the horse’s mouth..
        I love how he put up his “special” voice when re-reading one of the post
        He should do some ” romantic” down to memorylane kind of program…his voice is really suitable..and he is one of deep reflections..
        I love the company’s motto…DOWN TO EARTH and STEADY…So must eels be
        He can hear humbleness and he’s poking fun at himself as a father; but yet such deep thinking behind it..not because you have it all you give it all, the child must be stimulated for his own dreams…
        About his travel to Japan, the birth of Keun-Chan…and him sleeping on the stationfloor…the last one sounds like what a lot of students in my country do..
        I really enjoyed it..looking forward to the next Podcast

  1. Thank you so much for posting! It’s nice to hear other peoples stories and the prince’s of course. When he was talking about jobs and sticking with it for a bit- that’s definitely some advice I needed to hear. Work isn’t what it used to be and I felt like I was being trampled on honestly (doesn’t help most of my coworkers are feeling the same way, so everyone’s crabby). This week was better, but staying put is the best choice for now. Can’t wait to hear the next podcast!! Time to go listen to his albums again too 🙂

  2. Whomever translated and posted this, thank you soooo much!

    Question: JKS is talking, at one point near the end, about BB buying a house and about how he is amazed of how BB managed to do it, living on his own and stuff…

    Hasn’t JKS been living on his own for a while now? He moved out and has a flat, no? (it was about freaking time, if you ask me!)

    He sometimes confuses with his statements… Like in that Naver LINE ‘Startcast’ video with PRhyme (from June), he mentions how he’s never had a girlfriend before when he actually had, at least, one that he admitted breaking up with and whatnot and this was years back. And now this with living on their own… Maybe it’s the translation… IDK

    Anyway, thanx for posting this 🙂


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