[trailer] Love Rain Movie Theater Version Part I “Fate”

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Korean Drama, “Love Rain” lead by Jang Keun Suk and Yoona, directed by Yoon Seok Ho will have a movie theater version with two parts “Fate” and “Forbidden Love” show in some Japan movie cinema. This is the preview of Part I “Fate”

Is a beautiful and heart wrenching love story and Jang Keun Suk’s acting in it is superb especially portrait two different characters Seo Inha (Fate) and Seo Jun (Forbidden Love)

They will not only show the movie version itself but also will show behind scenes shots and NG shots. It would be more fun. How I wish this happen to the theater here.

20 thoughts on “[trailer] Love Rain Movie Theater Version Part I “Fate””

  1. Darn it! I wanna watch these movies as well! Japanese peepz, please sneak in your tiny cameras and phones and record BTSs and NGs for us, at least πŸ™‚ Hehehehe

    Peace out!

  2. I went to see the movie today. I’m sure it’ll be screened in other counties, too. The end roll was all written in English. It was said Japan is the first screening in the world. So please wait for a while πŸ™‚
    About the movie, this beautiful scenes were very suitable for the big screen. Of course, beautiful In Ha, too! It was edited shorter, but I cried a lot :'(

    • O Tenshi you must have enjoy it tremendously…still crying after we watch the drama so many times…it’s so powerful
      All Sukkie films and drama’s will do that to you…making you cry, getting heartbroken or fall in love all over again no matter the numbre of times we watch them…
      He is that good..
      I wish I could watch it on the big screen too…having Sukkie coming at you at that size…Aigoo…
      but I supposed it won’t be showing in the Netherlands…Can only hope the movies will be released on DVD….anytime soon

  3. Where we can watch the movie version? I really liked this drama, is one of the best dramas of all Asia.
    Asia Goddess Yoona and Asia Prince Jang keun suk did a clean, great and excellent work together. this was so real.


  4. I hope Love Rain The Movie will be released in DVDs in case I can’t get to watch it in the theater. The BTS and NG shots will make the movie even more captivating. Tenshi, may I know if the movie version is in Korean or Japanese?


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