[Magazine] Kiss No. 7

Pic credits: tinachiou @ KSDG

“You’re my Pet” original comics artist Mr. Yayoi Ogawa travelled to Seoul last year to meet up with Jang Keun Suk during JKS’ filming period. Mr. Ogawa shows his meeting with JKS through his illustrations published in Japanese comics magazine, Kiss No. 7, that was just released on 25 March 2011.

News translation: meixueyo
News source: KeunSukChina

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  1. ogawa sensei is the one in glasses isn’t it?..and who is the girl that seems to be so excited ?!..i hope someone will translate it for us =)

  2. きゃああああああああ!!!!!! Damn I’m at work, I’ll try to translate it when I get home! It’s so cute, I love Ogawa sensei!!! And SUmire is tehre too!

    • we’ll waiting for that friend …thanks before ^^

      that’s cool that Mr. Ogawa shows his meeting with JKS in his comic illustration …maybe someday he’ll make comic with JKS as himself as main character …yattaaaaa

  3. Hey guys sorry I didn’t have time to do it yesterday after work, so I did it at work today lol didn’t have much time but managed to translate the first page (on the right), I’m starting the second one right now!

    1st picture (Japanese manga so from up-right to down-left)

    Manager(?)“Momo’s part is the popular rising young star JGS; he played “Tae-Kyung” part in “YAB” which aired in Japan”
    Momo “Yikes he’s really hot/cool!!”
    Ogawa seinsei “That’s why I came to analyze the camera work that had just started” (Me: Well I’m really happy Ogata sensei is involved makes me feel better!)
    Manager(?)”Roke/Loke place is a very beautiful park in Hong Kong”

    2nd picture

    Scene where he talks with a friend…
    Ogawa sensei “ JGS totally has that Momo feeling/atmosphere”
    Manager(?)”So different from HTK!!!!!!!! So Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute”—what a great actor!!

    3rd picture (Picture of Roke/Loke’s park)

    4th picture

    (I was surprise to see so many fans had heard about it and were here)
    (This part is about some obasama/ajummas disturbing the shooting crew lol)
    Ogawa “I was also mistaken for a ‘stalkers’”(an okkake is someone who keeps following a star; I couldn’t find a better word than stalker!)

    5th picture

    Ogawa sensei “After camera take, I wanted to give JGS my drawing of Momo”
    Ogawa sensei “Anyohaseyo” (Japanese accent)
    Manager“Exactly that’s the spirit!”
    Ogawa sensei “Anyohaseyo” (repeats like a machine)
    Ogawa sensei “I have to take Korean lessons”


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