Drawings of JKS by Ayu

Credits: Ayu
Shared by: KeunSukChina

These pics of Jang Keun Suk are drawn by very talented Japanese eel, Ayu.
She does a fantastic job of capturing JKS’ likeness, especially his eyes.
Very beautifully drawn ….

For more pics,

Ooh, I love the leftmost pic in the top row – the one where Mu-Gyul looks over his bared shoulder….awww…. I want it …..

12 thoughts on “Drawings of JKS by Ayu”

  1. Beautiful pics to drawing of JKS by Ayu . She’s really skill and talented . I love all of JKS ‘s pics . ALL’S the pics look so real . She does a great job ! Thumb up !

  2. Wow……. she is really fantastic. All the drawings are so real. I like all of them. JGS’s eyes really can speak. Is it possible to have a copy of it !

  3. omg if you hadn’t mentioned it, i wouldn’t have noticed that some of these were drawn. they’re fantastic!

    great work, Ayu 🙂


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