Pics from JKS’ photographer

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

These are pics updated on Korean CY (akin to Twitter) by JKS’ photographer.

“You’re my Pet” couple – they look more compatible here! Or am I just getting used to seeing them together?
Hope filming can proceed smoothly!

The person on the left being blocked from view should be JKS …. Grrrr…..

That must be Chain Bridge in the background – beautiful ….

The photographer could be keeping JKS’ photos confidential, so here are just some pics of the scenery.
It’s ok, we will admire the scenery in anticipation of JKS’ upcoming 15th anniversary DVD and photo-book~!

3 thoughts on “Pics from JKS’ photographer”

  1. wow I love KHN n JKS pic, they look good together ^^. I think we have to wait alittle bit longger to see JKS’s new photos 🙁


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