14 thoughts on “[pics -1] Tongyi CF BTS Pictures”

  1. Tong Yi’s product are distributed throughout China, even in the mountains & remote areas.
    It is good to be Tong Yi’s product ambassador….. Billions of bottles, with Price picture, are being distributed to thousands of petro stations in every corner of China,supermarts, vending machines, shopping district, offices, industrial estates, tourist site areas; small shops in rural district; convenience stores etc….
    Totally Awesome!
    You are simply fantastic Prince!
    Zikzin… you are the best!

    • If you go to any Chinese supermarket abroad, you should be able to find this juice with his pic. I bought it in the UK. It’s actually very tasty.

  2. I hope this product would reach the Philippines 🙂 I will be one of the million fans to support 🙂 Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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