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  1. Hey,seen like I was missed here,tree girls asked me this week why I didnt commented or wrote poems here,because my time to visit this blog is the evening and my phone didnt wanted to sent the comments I wrote,but now is working,so this is my poem to this post:
    Lote Duty Free photos by Esther C

    The smart people from Lotte
    posted this photos of him
    they know we miss him
    and tried to pleased us,Zikzin.

    He looks very handsome there
    look the first with the hair up
    and the bag,where are you go?
    we want to be your travel patner,thought.

    And the second with that tonge
    Oh my gosh,oh my gosh
    Our boy look so hot
    He took a photo of us.

    In the third
    with the green umbrella
    he was singing a capella
    One of his beautiful songs.

    What he was thinking in the four?
    How to please his eels more?
    Ah,this is a difficult task
    Come on tell me how do that?kkk

    In the fith he was trying to explain
    how to be a good cowboy
    and with the face of a good boy
    melted us,we have no choice.
    Sorry I have to go now,continue later.

  2. The Lotte Duty Free photos poem,part two:
    In the two photos with gray suit
    he have in both killer look
    but we are not afraid of you
    its only a pose,you look cute.

    In the photo you are seat
    we like how you wear that jeans
    and the two color hair combine
    and the white jacket,you look divine.

    In the las two photos of you
    we liked that look too
    in the first with shining smile
    the second with finger in the mouth
    saying ,please calm down
    and we calm down in a blink
    for you came back to the eels.

  3. Hi Esther, welcome back with your lovely poem for JKSforever. You always have lovely way with words. <3 Love it so much……..

  4. sis Esther, thank you soooo very much for posting your POEM here.

    I know I can read your poems wherever you posted them. But every time, you posted your poems or comments in this BLOG, I always feel nostalgia of the old days when this blog would become ALIVE with every poems or posts you made. We love your poetic short to point writing styles sooooo much. Walking down on memory lanes…..I remembered Farina Unnie, other eels, and I kept begging you to JOIN ECI…until you couldn’t resist and decided to join in. ECI is where strangers can become close and personal, very much family and friends orient page.

    However, This BLOG is where all begins. Even though, nowadays, the BLOG is not as active like before, I still SUPER love it. This BLOG will hold special place in my heart forever like its namesake, because this Blog was one of the BIG influences for me to become an EEL, many years ago.

    I LOVE reading all comments posted in this blog. Even those negative comments I dislike to read, but I read them any way because through those negative comments I learned, JKS is not PERFECT. He has many flaws. With many flaws and all, EELs still love this man, because he does not hide those flaws.

    Sometime, JKS is soo reckless, careless and crazy, so Eels were begging Sukkie to stop being reckless and crazy…for eels want to protect Sukkie’s images, which I found it soooo funny and interesting. Because normally, STARs are the ones who should be super careful and be at their BEST behaviors of all times, to protect their GOOD images. Hahahah, at first, I found eels’ behaviors were sooooo weird and strange..but as I have become one, I guess being HAPPY weird and strange eel is not soooo bad after all….LOLLL

    • AWWW Kailey,you are right,i started like JKS here in this blog,i learned to write english here too,i still vist every day but sometimes not comment,but i will try to do more often,thanks for your words and for always support Sukkie and me too.


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