[flash news] JKS’s New Drama “Beautiful Man” May Be Aired on MBC_20130725

Source: http://m.media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130725161914470
Translated by Wen Lee from ECI


Beautiful Man is based on manga written by Chin Kwai Ying. JKS is also looking forward to be taking on the lead role as Dokgo Mate. According to a spokesperson from the MBC TV channel, they are discussing that “Beautiful Man” to be aired after ‘Medical Top Team’. Expected comeback will be in the latter half of the year. Since BV in 2008, it will be JKS’ first time to return to MBC after 5 years since “Beethoven Virus”
Beautiful Man is a sweet romantic love story btw Dokgo Mate & country bumpkin Kim Bo-Dong who has one-sidedly loved him for 10 yrs. One is the most beautiful man in the world who entices successful women in order to reach higher position, the other is a very simple girl who is far from successful.
Lu Ying-e, who was the scriptwriter for Cell No.2 will be the scriptwriter. Group 8 who was producer for Goong (Princess Hours), Boys of Flowers, will be the producer.

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  1. Hello! :)))
    I’m looking forward for JKS’s comeback. I have compiled most of his movies and tv series. I am excited to see him again and Beautiful Man be aired in the Philippines soon 🙂
    I hope for the best! 🙂
    God bless Jang Geun Suk <3

    Forever fan,
    Jade :)))

  2. “… & country bumpkin Kim Bo-Dong who has one-sidedly loved him for 10 yrs…”

    I don’t wanna sound like an A-hole here but seriously, these writers, can’t they be a tid-bit more creative and write in a normal lead lady character?!?!

    You know, our (girly) lives don’t really revolve around boys and pinning about them most of the time… We do have a lot of other things on our minds.

    It’s so freaking stereotypical, it’s scary.

    I’m dying to see a strong female character that has a mind on her own and behave/does something that is not explicitly socially acceptable (eg. she could be a smoker)… I know they wanna protect the audience by not putting an ‘ideal’ of a girl smoking but they can make a nice story around it of her struggling to quit smoking, bad things that smoking causes, etc… In other words, to present why smoking is bad for a person and teach youngsters all the nasty sides of it through this ‘by audience, loving’ character and her story… Not just ignore it… Because, kids, you see, all these ‘idols’ and nice little country pumpkin k-drama characters don’t do it, so you shouldn’t either. Period! If that’s how Korea tries to improve or stop some things, it’s a really ignorant way of doing it… It actually might create an opposite effect.

    Anyways, as far as Korean dramas go, I’ve only watched ‘Love Rain’ so far. However, I have read and saw trailers for other k-dramas and it’s almost always the same story with the female lead – this poor and pure/innocent country girl that is in love with this rich successful city boy who doesn’t even notice her until, blah, blah… And don’t even get me started on girls pretending to be boys (and the other way around) and, even worse, story lines with ridiculous time traveling BS…

    I don’t know… Maybe I’m wrong and Korean people are just not ready for a bit more sudden change in their TV program… But, honestly, I think that TV stations are more afraid, or even worse, maybe manipulative in some ways of treating their audience as a 10-year old kid.

    I always say, don’t try to protect me by hiding things from me. Protect me by teaching me about them… Ignorance is certainly NOT a bliss!

    Anyways, sorry for going off-topic here and for my little rant.

    I hope this drama will be a success, nevermind the same old boring stories, because JKS really deserves it.

    Peace out!

    • actually..k-drama have interesting plot..but the issue is more about love and stereotype..that’s why i prefer j-drama. j-drama is better in term of the issue they try to show to audience. i hope i can see suk in j-drama one day..

    • Perhaps I like “escapism”, because I enjoy Korean TV dramas. I liked “Rooftop Prince” (time travel). I have watched many Korean dramas (first, to help me to become more fluent in Korean – then I began to enjoy them). I find JKS has an incredibly expressive face and a perfect physique, so he can make a drama believable. He can just enchant an audience. However, I hate to see him smoke – in the U.S.A. it is not considered “cool” at all. He has a gorgeous voice and smoking is so damaging to the vocal chords. I will see his new drama, and I’ll buy it when it becomes available for sale to the public. (I do not enjoy Jay Park’s music videos, which show females in a very negative light, although he is very [popular. Jay Park grew up in the U.S.A. near where I live.) I wish the best of luck to JKS. Dena, a Seattle fan

      • jazzy hun, their will be 10 diffrent ladies in this drama. and i have read the manga ,and trust me most of them are strong and powerfull and every one will be a challenge to him. and the lead girl didn’t even appeared that much . cuz they will be focusing on diffrent women every ep.

  3. Connected to my previous post…

    Who’s interested in reading something more on a subject of Korean TV dramas and connection and influence on real life, here are a few really good articles:

    The Influence of Television Dramas on Korean Society – http://tvdramasinfluence.zxq.net/ (similar to my point but they mention homosexuality, as an example, in one of the previous dramas and what happened to it)

    Confucianism and The Female Roles in K-dramas – http://seoulbeats.com/2012/06/confucianism-and-the-female-roles-in-k-dramas/ (connection of Confucianism and female submissiveness in k-dramas)

    Korean TV dramas attract less educated Chinese fans – http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1289188/korean-tv-dramas-attract-less-educated-chinese-fans (not meant to offend anyone but it is a very interesting study)


  4. i just heard that playful kiss lead actress is best friends with the producer that will produce beautiful man , and he said that he have alot of scripts and he will let her choses what she want , so it is a great possiblity that she will be the lead actress with jks

    • I have nothing against her, but I hope that her character will not be the same like her character in playful kiss, for me, it was really exaggerated.I know that in the story, the girl is poor and has one sided love for the male character for ten years but I really hope that, the character of the girl will be portrayed with intelligence and class.

      • oh sis marie ..i’m telling you the lead girl will be so far from class and intelligence .. cuz i have read the manga ,before and the lead girl is so stupid , clumsy and violent . she even kicks and pinch the lead man , which is to be played by jks . she is so funny 🙂

      • oh ..you know that the drama he will play is from a korean manga called pretty man. and when i heard he will play this role , i read the manga and i loved it but it is only in korean so if you don’t know what happen just ask me . here check the link, download the valoume you want . and it is a winzip file so their will be a pass word need so dont worry it is (love-manhwa).


  5. With Sukkies presence in it the drama will be fine because despite storyline or actress…Sukkie is able to do a really good job so can make you forget most of the other
    disturbing or distracting elements…
    But of cource I hope he gets good partnes so to make the drama a big succes and that the writers are able to do a good job on the script; hope they can adapt the storyline as to make it really standout..
    Anyway I’m so hungry right now..just so looking forward to Sukkie on the screen again…. I’ll take anything for Sukkie is the only young korean actor for me making it palatable to watch korean dramas..

    • btw not many have watch Budapest Diary…but I normally don’t like these artsy things but I love this one..beautifully done…shows us the many sides of JKS

      • Thank you for recommending budapest diary. I watch it just now. His acting is beyond my imanigation. I know he is good, but i did not know he is that great. I really felt his agony, his longing, his happiness, his acceptance. And he did it even witout anyone to act with. For me, next to lee byung hun, his acting is the best in korea.

      • if he’s not the one in budapest diary..who care about that movie.kkkkk…i really like his expressions..so very natural.

  6. I need help? I’ve already watched most of JKS dramas and movies, where can I find a copy of Budapest Diary or where can I watched it with English sub?, thanks

    • Rosanne…I put up a link under feedback..hope it’s still working.. it has eng sub.. and is an excellant piece of work…far from those idoldrama concept…have fun

      • Dear mamacri, you’re my heroine. I have been searching for budapest diary for 2 years in despair and now you gave it to me. JKS is beyond beautiful and talented. I just don’t know how to describe his strengths anymore. He is too beautiful!!!!

      • and may I know the end of the story? My perception is that the girl was dead already. JKS just imagined her presence with him. Am I right?

  7. Dear mamacri, thanks for your reply I just woke up, you told me the link is under feedback, honestly I don’t know where to find it?, thanks

  8. ♥.♥ I love your last drama “Love Rain” was so perfect and unique drama, Love Rain is live ART. and as I now, i have very curious to see his new drama “beautiful/PRETTY BOY”, because i will remind the character and style of Seo Joon :).
    It’s that I loved/love SeoJoon and Inha in his most epic drama.

    I am praying that Jang Prince Keun Suk’s new drama can be more successful in korea.

    🙂 I ♥ U. Prince Jang Keun suk is the best Actor and Idol..and DJ 😉

    Z.I.K.Z.I.N 4EVER ♥

  9. well . i dont have high hops for his new drama. 🙁 it seems kinda blh…..,
    and the only thing that can give me a little pit of hope is the production team, cuz they have done some great drama. and if this drama fails like love rain . it will be the end as an actor for him .. i just hope its a bout 10% or 11% it will be fine.

    • High hopes or not…no one can deny JKS can act… if the ratings are not high again in Korea…than it says more about them against JKS and not about his abilities as an actor…I don’t think it will hurt him much…maybe his pride……..I hope they wont loose him to Japan or China…I think because he is an proud korean man that he is not taking other acting jobs abroad..but stays as an actor for Korea and doing his singing etc somewhere else..thinking about the whole story of JYJ..korean show biz is a really scary and dark place..and I don’t like that much….maybe that’s why I’m not so into the korean wave..Sukkie being the exception.. I love freespirituality, frankness, honesty and individuality… I hope BM will do exceptionally well in the rest of world

      • Yes agree with you Mamacri. Its Korea’s loss and not Jang Keun Suk & i believe no matter what happens – opportunity will always open for this multi-talented, amazing, great actor whether in Korea or abroad. He is loved by millions all over the world, and it is not something that can easily be ignored, a lots in fact have started watching korean dramas only after having watch JKS in his films or dramas a true ambassador of Korean Showbiz!

  10. I don’t agree that Love Rain failed as a drama, a lot of people are enjoying it, friends of mine who are not fond of JKS actually are now hooked into it and was mesmerize by his smile . They even asked more of JKS. I’ve watched a lot of korean dramas, I’ve tasted their culture, living there for three years makes me love them more. JKS is proud that he is made from Korea and they should be proud of it. I wish him the best of what ever he do, no matter what happens. Good day to everyone!!!

    • I agree with you… ^_^ if the Love Rain failed, then many other high rating drama failed terribly in my eyes as I many didn’t even past 3 episodes of my attention now… after I found who is “Jang Keun Suk”!

    • According to Korea Love Rain failed because of their ratingsystem…but as export and finacialy Love Rain was a huge succes and even to date it’s still capturing and appreciated by many
      Just like YAB …the ratings where not high but look what it did in Japan and the rest of Asia…even to date now in China…rerun on CCTV and if you watch weibo of Sukkie…every minute there are still new eels hooking on…in less than 10 dags another 300000 new eels!!!
      I admire Sukkie for choosing his roles…maybe some of us won’t understand his choices and maybe later on because of circumstances he would regret it somehow but if your acting is that good while playing a not likeble roll or a second lead and still managed to keep the favour of the audience esp those that are not looking for the plain and obvious, I think you doing a great job.. his drama’s are not of the fleating kind but needs digesting…

      Btw I love his editing more and more…you really can see his growth in this field..one day he will be a good director…maybe writing his own script and making his own movies….maybe his idea when serving the army? I’ll await his surprises


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