[articles] Jang Keun Suk (Team H) Was Invited to the Summer Sonic Music Festival 2nd Time In A Roll_20130719

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JANG KEUN SUK (Team H) Invited for second time by Japan’s Summer Sonic

JANG KEUN SUK has been invited again by Japan’s largest music Festival ‘Summer Sonic’ and will be performing with famous rock bands likes Metallica, Muse and Lincoln Park. JANG KEUN SUK and with his music partner Big Brother will be performing as Team H at the Summer Sonic 2013 to be held from 10th & 11th Aug in Osaka & Tokyo.

Summer Sonic is one of the two largest music Festivals in Japan, the largest metropolitan rock music festival in Asia which attracts thousands music fans from the world. This is 2nd time that JANG KEUN SUK (as Team H) has been invited to the festival.

JANG KEUN SUK also received invitation from Japan MTV to join MTV Poolside Party (Zushi Festival 13). It is a holiday outdoor style music Festival held by Japan’s MTV annually. Guests are wearing swimwear at a recreation village and enjoying the free & relaxing atmosphere. The quality of the singers & high standard live performances has always received good reviews.

2013 Poolside Party has invited the most representative Japanese female singer Kumiko Kōda & famous DJ Tanaka (transliteration only for this name) . Participating for the first time at the Poolside Party, JANG KEUN SUK will be on stage on 9th Aug. being invited by the two most famous music Festival in Japan at the same time proves Hallyu star’s popularity. With his group Team H, JANG KEUN SUK will give a unique brilliant show with a different type of music, dance, & DJ performance.

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