[18.07.2013] Jason Jang’s Weibo

Credit: Jason Jang’s weibo

Jang Keun Suk’s Agent company for Grand China area HS Media’s CEO, Jason Jang posted on his weibo.

CCTV starts to air “You’re Beautiful”… Jang’s weibo followers reached 10 million…… Dance on the Great Wall and Dan Dan noodle…… I know I know. Don’t urge…… we are thinking the way…… ah, headache…

cctv开始播了美男…张的微博到千万了…. 长城舞和担担面…知道了知道了. 别催啦… 在想办法啦… 头痛啊…
(Note: CCTV is China’s major TV channel has thousands of millions viewers. Today Jang Keun Suk’s “You’re Beautiful” drama started airing on CCTV 8)


16 thoughts on “[18.07.2013] Jason Jang’s Weibo”

  1. What’s the matter? You didn’t think this would actually happen? Never underestimate the power of Jang Keun Suk!

  2. Jason…chop chop…..work to be done…don’t tell us you were not prepared for this!!!

    Get up and get our prince on that Great Wall the soonest…followed by his eels to dance the SHUFFLE Whahahahahaha

    CCTV…that’s great.
    I think I’m gonna watch Sukkie again…ahh I have a sudden desire for the one and only Hwang Tae Kyung <3

  3. This is one of the moment that i feel so proud being an eel…seeing sukkie popularity shooting high with more and more followers just bring out smile from my heart. Normally when you love an idol, you want to keep it to ourselves and have no intention to share it out…but loving sukkie is so different. I am spreading his love to everyone around me so that more people will love him too.

    Jason Jang….please please…do a great job for this event ok. Don’t screw up else you have to prepare that all the eels start throwing eggs on your face or cursing you none stop behind.

  4. I got a feeling Sukkie’s app crashed last night because of overwhelming response from eels when his update and the good news from weibo came on the same day.
    But this is happy news for everyone…

  5. What? I thought yab was aired in China ages ago. (Maybe on other channels does any sis know??) Without yab he was already that well sought after, can you imagine after it was aired?? Sukkie should be prepared to buy landed property in China cause in no time it will reach 20M !!!!

      • actually YAB was aired in other local station or website before HAPPY CAMP in 2012 with Sukkie as special guest last year… but then, not many knew Sukkie and that local station/website in China may not be widely broadcast across China like CCTV.
        Now, YAB is re-broadcasted over national TV CCTV and after Sukkie appearance on popular Happy Camp variety program (which got the highest rating in the program).. and many knew Sukkie also from Tongyi CF and advertisement everywhere in China.. (in fact Sukkie’s Tongyi drinks with his face is everywhere now in China).. also many shops of Caffe Bene with Suk as endorsement are popping up across China cities.. the YAB re-broadcast is just right and I learnt that Love Rain is going to broadcast soon in China too… I think it may explore to 20 millions soon….lol! Sukkie must prepare to buy house in China and made that his 3rd home after Korea and Japan…

  6. Life can be full of fun and happiness even if there are many problems specially a boring moments , But there’s one thing that erases all of it is to look how prince Jang achieve his dream in life and now dancing in a Great Wall of China woah ! amazing ! I’m so excited, really really excited! I got to see it how my prince do his best to become a good dancer and I am so very very Proud of him 🙂

  7. Why is this a headache? Why is it a headache to commit to a course of action and fulfill promises that are made?

    Jason, you better get together with the boss and work it out. Because it’s Your Job on the line if you can’t “make it happen.”

    Sure the timing right now isn’t great with him starting filming for a drama… but Eels understand these things may take time to be worked into his schedule. Still he promised it and we expect Jang Keun Suk to keep his promises.

    I’m just thinking he may prefer to do the dance on the Great Wall… before winter. Because shuffling on the Great Wall in long underwear, boots and a parka… just might not be all that fun. You know how Jang Keun Suk hates the cold.

  8. Well Jason, the boss did his job so well for you. So it’s now your time to show to us that Great Wall Dance. No headache just ZIKZIN. Learn from our Prince, “Eels’ happiness is his happiness and vice versa.”

  9. It’s extremely hot in August in China. If you can get it done in mid autumn, say around October with the beauty of the leaves and our Prince in his red pants and orangu brown shirt dancing on the eall, wow!!! Let fulfil our dreams.


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