[Flash News] Jang Keun Suk Weibo Follower Is Over 10 Million_20130718

Credit: Jang Keun Suk weibo

Jang Keun Suk’s weibo (a social networks as twitter in China) followers has overed 10 million today and it is still growing.
In 2012 Aug 10, at Cri Show 2 Shanghai press conference, Jang Keun Suk said if his followers on weibo is over 10 million he will dance on the Chinese Great Wall. So eels, let’s wait to see Prince J dance on the Great Wall!!! See this video.
Translation of the conversation in the video:
Reporter: How would you celebrate if your weibo followers is over 6 million (at that time, his weibo followers were just over 5 million)

Jang Keun Suke: 6 million is almost there(too easy). I don’t have any thought. If is over 10 million, I will dance on the Great Wall. Really, really, this is true. And please ask your friends, family to join. lol.

21 thoughts on “[Flash News] Jang Keun Suk Weibo Follower Is Over 10 Million_20130718”

  1. Congratulations Jang Keun Suk! I know you will keep Your Promise to your beloved Eels.
    Looking forward to seeing it and to seeing many more of your dreams come true!
    (Still waiting for you in the U.S.) Jyo Zikzin to your future! <3

  2. congratulations Asia Prince JKS…so when will we him dance at the Great Wall? i hope sooooon πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing sis Sarah!

  3. Less than a day and Sukkie hot himself more than 13.500 new eels…17 hrs ago Loveandlaugh from http://www.worldprincejangkeunsuk.com/ said he needed another 9005 eel to reach his goal…now he already on 10.004.443!!!
    yeah…I’m sure the chinese eels are really happy and waiting for him to show up at Tongyi FM in China

    Sukkie show us your dance!!!

  4. what is he doing ? why is their no news about him nor his new drama? i really miss him πŸ™ . what is he up to ? is he making a surprise to us or somthing? anyway any new about the leading lady?

    • Since it’s already 2 wks away from his busy schedule in Japan..I’m sure he’s busy organising, training his body and practising his singing and dancing for ZIKZINFes…he has a grueling schedule starting pretty soon…2 days in a row doing double show…and Team H parties are a real workout…
      Poor Suni…he did not even have time for little Suni…his sweethearts B’day……
      Like how we countdown Weibo…we will countdown his ZIKZINfes…when celebrating his birthday(s)

  5. Congratulations, Asia Prince,

    Yesterday(18 July) was a very happy day for all eels including myself πŸ™‚ because

    a) Sukkie updated his app with a photo of himself ( side view of himself only but I am satisfied )

    b) his Weibo followers hit 10 millions and this is a target set less than a year ago and his has already achieved it!

    c) YAB has started screening on the national TV in china ( this means that he will get more new eels and I am sure the rate of increase in his eels will be even more than what I witnessed over the last few weeks–an average of 10 000 followers in 1-2 days!)

    So my dear Prince, continue to work towards all the dreams you set for yourself… we will support you πŸ™‚

  6. OMG!!! 10,000 followers in Weibo… Congratulations Sukkie! But this would give him another killing schedules. And waaaaaaaaaaaa a dancing in Great Wall of China? He would make another history… so fortunate Chinese Eels.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, JANG KEUN SUK!!! You have reached the first milestone of 10mil Weibo Followers!!!! Proud of you, my prince!! Wishing you to reach 20mil and more!!! I’m super happy reading this news.

    Please keep on doing GREAT work!!! Please be happy in whatever you have achieve, no matter how small or big your goals are. True eels will always stay and stand by your side.

    Keep on fighting!! ZiKZiN!!!!!

  8. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!..10 millions ^^ ZIKZIN !!! STRONG ZIKZIN !!! FIGHTING ZIKZIN!!!

    —-> i am waiting for his dance on the Great Wall, sukkie chan, sukkie zikzin, sukkie shikshin ! β™₯

  9. the increase in his eels in 1-2 days would be for Happy 3rd Suni’s birthday and why We miss Sukkie chan.

    β™₯ In my dream Sukkie Chan is dancing on the Great Wall with suni β™₯

    Z.I.K.Z.I.N 4EVER β™₯

  10. Eversince I started to followed prince Jang I know that this man will spread his wings widely on the sky so that many will see how bright light he is, though there are times that he badly hurt inside but still his light never fade because he still believe that we eels will always be with him no matter what , as I believe my own that we are one of the reason why he keep on fighting to reach his dreams , to show us that he truly deserve our loyalty and love to him I know there are still out there who wants to follow him but since Weibo is for Chinesse only and those people who can understand Chinese so sad that some cant follow him on that site and I am one that hehehe hope I can have that site πŸ™‚

  11. CONGRATULATION !!! 10 MILLIONS <3<3<3<3<3 πŸ˜€

    β•šβ•β•`.ΒΈ.Sukki Chan = Zikzin 4EVER.

    Peace and Love eels.
    Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  12. no weibo are not only for chinese..i have weibo account..i made it to follow him but never used it.kkkkk…coz i cantt read chinese..


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