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  1. Thanks for sharing..and there he went after the new year show in China…everbody thought he was on holiday while he was really hardworking in paradise. I love NB <3

  2. Thnx for uploading this vid & translation Tenshi!!! So funny, he’s actually more talking about food & cooking then about the album = awesome nature boy style! Feels like today’s situation, maybe he’s already recording his 3th album that’s why he disappeared :p No just kidding! Maybe he’s actually on a real holiday now before starting to film the new drama. 🙂

      • Absolutely… he is preparing many things for his new drama, and maybe other surprises. We do not know if he is also making a music video for Love Letters and Save Me.

      • He is missing for 11 days now and i reckon that he is preparing the 3th album too. hehehehe….patiently waiting. This man is always so unpredictable with his impulse actions. Always surprise us and that’s the reason we love him so much.

      • I’m really curious about the surprises he has in store for us. Also, the identity of the lead actress is still kept a secret. JKS’ drama fans seem to be rooting for Yoon Eun Hye and Park Min Young …

  3. Tenshi, thanks for translating this to us! I’m forever grateful to you and the rest of the ladies here to know more about Sukkie. He has been away for more than a week, and very sure he is preparing a great surprise to everyone.

  4. Thank you very much Akuma San. I really enjoyed the interview and as always what i enjoyed most was his improvisation and mischief that I cannot find in other Korean actors. He is so naturally sweet. Looking forward to your next post on JKSforever. Three cheers to you and the team.

  5. Thanks for all your work, Tenshi! Wish one day I could cook with Sukki, it is one of my great passions to feed people good food. I don’t use recipes either, kkk! Even though we heard he is preparing for his new drama doesn’t mean we don’t worry about him. Eels are always by his side!

  6. so nice guy! i miss him.
    thanks tenshi! you’re the best.

    hahah! i believe JKS love —> “Sugar, Honolulu and Girl’s “. hehehehe.

    oh! i think JKS wants making a WGM or Family Outing but version japanese. why? ^^. My pretty boy.

    • fun and interesting interview. I like it. Thanks Tenshi.

      Welcome TatulaFlower.

      Yeah. Lately, prince began to love candy (sugar). and Me too think Prince wanted to go to honolulu, but preferred to go to maui on this occasion for the job.

      If you’re a famous celebrity single, you can meet a lot of Girls/Boys…… or if you are a famous celebrity and have a secret romance, you can spend wonderful holydays secret.

      >>>>>>>>> this is paradise.

      ☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆ HONOLULU!!!, i think in… “Hotel Waikiki” & “The Kahala Hotel & Resort” on Oahu are 2 of the best Honolulu luxury hotel deal anywhere.

      Even, the Kahala hotel quickly became a Hawaiian icon: Liz Taylor and Richard Burton hid out from the paparazzi after getting married. It has hosted celebrities from all domains ever since. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Carrie Fisher, Elton John, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, they’re all up there on the hotel’s Wall of Fame just off the main lobby, along with dozens of others most famous celebrities in the world. Some have even left love notes.

      MAUI!!!… i think in “Four Seasons” & “Marriott Wailea Resort”, are 2 of the best maui luxury hotels…..☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆

      thanks eels and tenshi!

      ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.


      • Thank you, Marujka ^^.

        Yes, JKS loves honolulu and sugar (candy)….and girl’s.

        I also read that many international celebrities have holydays or secret romances in kahala and Waikiki hotels.

        One question: The Wall of Fame is the biggest international celebrities, so I guess they must have Asian stars also included there, ^^ ..yes or not?.

        I want to go honolulu or maui, you must be a paradise. thanks for the suggestions on hotels.

  7. that’s why i love all his interviews…expect funny,witty and naughty answers from him,that’s my Prince and that is why i love him <3

    thanks Tenshi and Sevinc for working on this video!!!

  8. Thank you Tenshi for the translation. I love to watch Sukkie on interviews. Very entertaining, real and funny as always. Missing him!!!

  9. Knowing him being hardworking person, i think he is busy again for another surprises! And when time comes that he will show up, we will absolutely be happy. I will wait patiently.. I miss him so much!

  10. Thank you Tenshi for the translation….it really good for us which were not understand korean or japanese…..I really like this website because from here I can know more and detail about our prince….I want to said thank you again to Tenshi …really thank you so much.

  11. Thanks Kaori chan! Am impressed that you can finish translating the clip within 3 days, sugoi! So happy to see JKS on tv~

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that he keeps talking about places and situations for picking up girls… That is kinda weird since: A) he’s not a playboy (as far as we know) and B) he mentioned in an interview a while back that, before kissing Yoona in Love Rain, he didn’t get to kiss a girl for quite a long time before that…

      If he likes picking up girls like he mentions, than he’s not very good at it…. Hahahaha

      Just kidding, of course he would be great at picking up girls since he’s such a hottie… My guess is that he’s just trying to be fun in an interview. I honestly don’t think he’s hooking up with girls that often.


    • LOL…Sukkie is a real foodie…he love cooking, eating and drinking and always trying all kinds of specialities from the countries he’s visiting; he likes hot spicy food..He does not have discriminating taste…and if possible he’ll have his favorites ordered so he can enjoy it as soon as he’s arrived

      –and for picking up girls…it’s just his dream I guess..he’s a healthy, hot blooded young male…it’s normal to think like that but he knows it’s almost impossible for him as a celebraty; not without risks anyway…clubbing, drinking yess…..but picking up girls???? poor Sukkie

    • This is said his regular TV program on MTV Japan, but not fixed the frequency. The first one was broadcast on July 6th, and the next one is broadcast on August 17th. It starts at 19:00. 30 minutes progrsm.

  12. No matter how hard times life tries to hit our prince there will always be a certain reason for him that makes him inspired to get through,his totally a strong person he can still show his true smile, on and off cam I believe that his really a true person no hypocrite inside what I really like him most is he so a man with a strong personality in side self I love the way he is 🙂 he will always be beautiful in my eyes and always be love by my heart 🙂


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