16 thoughts on “[Pics] self-shot by JKS at STARCAST ON AIR”

    • Well, I certainly hope he won’t go blonde for his new drama.

      He’s so much more attractive and manlier with his hair darker… But hey, if the drama stylist says blonde, blonde it’ll be 🙂

      • i agree.. he looks much better with dark hair.. but just the same, we still love JKS no matter what =)

    • Already he changed his hair into darker color after that. Not sure because of the new character, but I hope so. When he was shooting Love Rain, he also hid his new hairstyle. I think if he shows us a new hairstyle, it’ll be thought as a kind of spoiler. So he tries to hide himself… He’s such an actor. Wait for the time comes : )

  1. Stale, stale, STALE. This representation of blond James from Line can be find anywhere. The Prince really disappears even on LIne. MISS HIM.

    • It’s natural for actors to keep silence before their new drama is set up. Eels are just used to his unusual everyday updates. But he needs time to focus on the new project. After everything is ready to open, he’ll show up. Please be patience and wait for the time : ) Once he starts to be active, we can’t get off his roller-coaster days. So now is the time for eels to take a rest and build up energy. Please enjoy this silence!

      • I know and understand the situation very well, Akuma Kung. You really play the role of his God Mother very well. Anyway, I just wanna have fun with other eels. Keep protecting our Prince with love and care. Thank you.

      • Sudie, I’m not so old as his mother. Lol. Anyway, thanks. By the way, if you want to have fun with other eels, you should consider joining ECI. There are many eels enjoying themselves even without his latest news.

    • Hi Sudie,

      It will be a lot of fun in ECI pond. You just need a Facebook Account and then drop an email to jks-eci@hotmail.com with the information as below. Our eel sisters in ECI pond will feed and load you with JKS’s news unconditional.

      Note: You can create a facebook account in https://www.facebook.com . Click on Sign Up button after you fill up your particular in the Sign Up page.

      Then facebook will send you an email and you just need to confirm it. After you login to facebook, you can verify your facebook name in your url(https://www.facebook.com/le.lamb.9) . In this case, my facebook name will be le.lamb.9 ( if you unsure, then just enter the name of your profile when you fill up the detail below)

      Example of the info that i have enter when i join ECI last time.

      No. 2 to 7 are compulsory so just fill up those info.

      1. JKS Forever Blog nickname
      2. Real name : Tania
      3. Facebook name : Le Lamb
      4. Country : Malaysia
      5. Date of Birth :15 June
      6. Email address : whereisthelittlelambxyz12323@yahoo.com
      7. Your personal blog (if any):
      8. Occupation
      9. Picture

      Looking forward to see you in ECI!!!

      • Thank you all for the invitation. I am not in the position to be with you in the pond. I have my FB account but for a different circle of people. I appreciate your effort to put JKSforever as an international platform for Geun Chan’s international eels. I know the Akuma San is a Japanese young lady and she is close to the Prince that sometimes he teased her. However, she acted like his big sister, sometimes like his ajummaaaaaa or his godmother. That is why I like to tease her. I can be her grandma. When I was at his concert in Thailand I met 2 ladies aged 80’s up who are his fans. They came from upcountry and were sitting in the most expensive blocks like I did. Keun Chan could stir our mother instincts so well. I just wonder how many males (I mean male males) that become his fans? Many feminine males that I know are very fond of him. JKS, in my opinion, is so talented. He does everything so well not just because he is talented only but from his hard work, stamina, and a man of details. I wonder whether you guys know Josh Groban, the American singer, our Prince is more overwhelming than him!!! Prince, take that as my great compliment.

      • Hi Sudie,

        You are most welcome. Just for your information that ECI is a private group in Facebook and therefore articles and comments that being posts in this group are only viewable within the members of this group.

        By the way, i also like to let you know that i really enjoy reading all your input relate to JKS in this blog 🙂

  2. Sis Sudie,
    I hope you will join us in ECI. You will love it there for it is the pond of his eels. Susann is already there. We will be waiting for your there…..

    BTW, Tenshi is still so young though she talks like godmother to Sukkie….

  3. Btw, when I say that JKS is more overwhelming than Josh Groban, I mean he could make you cry, happy, and sad from his performance without understanding what he says or sings. This is not the case of Groban who sings in the international language, English. Zikzin, world Prince.


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