[Notice] We just created Music index page

We’ve posted some English translations of his music. Especially about his 2nd solo album “Nature Boy”, we did all translations and Romanizations. So we created Music index page on the menu. There are some useful indexes. You can also sort them by category “Music” too. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “[Notice] We just created Music index page”

  1. Tenshi and anyone eel that made this possible…
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart…for you are the eyes and ears that makes it possible for me and a lot of international fans to be so close to our prince…
    If not for all your hard work I would only be able to look at his handsome face and listen to his fabulous voice but I would not be able to share his array of deep and wonderful feelings nor share his humor and quick wit.
    Thank you eels; I love you all…ZIKZIN all the way

    Btw..I would like to know what the Team H songs are about..if anyone know where to find the translations/explanations for these…for Sukkie and BB are so wonderful in sync together..They always seems to have so much fun : )

  2. this is really awesome!!!JKS is not only an actor but a great singer too…this music index is really helpful for us eels to get to know him more..

    sis Tenshi and sis Nako i thank you from the bottom of my heart..you made all eels happy 🙂

  3. sis Kaori chan, thank you thank you soooo much for creating this “Music Page” for us. You are very much appreciated on every things you have done for JKS and eels……you know! Love you!!!!!!

    This is one of JKS’ treasure pages for sure. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks so much for the translations. Unfortunately, I have not studied Japanese so it is just great for me. I do hope he stays away from smoking (not considered “elegant” at all in the States)! Smoking will ruin his golden voice, especially his delightful falsetto range. The translations make a wonderful difference. Dena, U.S.A. fan

    • Dena, I just love how you comment on his smoking in all your posts. It always amuses me. And yes, you’re absolutely right. And it’s not only his gorgeous voice that’s endangered but also his beautiful skin. At some point even BB cream won’t do.

      Thank you Tenshi for your translations. I don’t leave my comments very often but I visit your blog several times a day and I’m very grateful to you.

  5. Honestly I could not measured how I am thankful for you sis Tenshi for doing this to us I could not imagine what ECI life without you because we Eels live in a different country who doesn’t know to understand of Japanese and Korean you are the one who make it a translation for us , you are the bridge that we get closer to our prince though I know doing this is also a hard time of your’s but you still do it for all the best you can this is why I could not find words just to say ” THANK YOU SO MUCH” and also to those Eels sisters who help you too for this to sis Naco you are best Eels friends that I ever have saranghae sis Tenshi 🙂

  6. sorry but you may add “Let me cry” single to the list too 😀 27 April 2011
    and as a list option his first chinese mini album “The Lounge H Vol. 1” – 21 October 2011

    Just to give a chronology for new eels ^^

  7. Thanks ss,

    Can I ask about the song: Guarduan Star (守護星)[in Just Crazy]translate into English?
    Please give me information, thanks.^ ^

  8. Thank you so much for the effort and times on this. All the international eels really appreciate your sharing.

  9. Tenshi, thanks for creating a special index page for Suk’s music. I like him first and foremost as an actor, and, as a solo singer. Next, what about creating a special page on the menu for his upcoming drama? 🙂


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