[article] JKS’ self-produced airport large advertisement attracts attention

Source: http://m.news.nate.com/view/20130704n07499
English translation: Wen Lee from Eels Club International

Actor Jang Keun Suk surpasses as a celebrity to become a Hallyu brand, this special breakthrough action receives attention, becomes a talking point.

One can see JKS with a happy smiling face on the super large neon light at the entrance of the disembarkation zone at Gimpo airport’s international terminal & on the large screen inside the domestic terminal. The advertising words ‘JKS welcomes you’ greets tourists from all parts of the world specially attracts people’s attention.
Apparently, JKS specially prepared this unusual greeting method for his fans to thank them for their love and support. Through his various overseas performances, JKS truly became a ‘preacher’ in promoting Korea. He has made a big contribution in attracting tourists to visit Korea.

It is not just a commercial advertisement. Things that JKS himself created also received attention. Not only official website, his self created brands ‘Zikzin’ and ‘Zikzin Festival’ are also made known.

Through this, it’s an opportunity for JKS to surpass Asia into the world, enabling his ‘JKS effect’ to be maximised. We look forward to JKS’ future to be more far-reaching & more active performances.

On another note, JKS will be participating in TV drama ‘Beautiful Man. This drama is abt the most beautiful man in the world Dokgo Ma-te looking for his lost family & true love, conquering women in Korea’s top 1%. This means JKS will be coming back on the small screen too.

20 thoughts on “[article] JKS’ self-produced airport large advertisement attracts attention”

  1. Tenshi… thanks a lot for this update. And Wen Lee, thanks for the translation. Its really awesome ad! How I wish I could visit Korea and personally see this advertisement.

  2. Woooooooooooooooooooooow, he’s not only a top hallyu star but also the very first one to create a Hallyu brand – this is really awesome!!! Congratulations to our dear prince the one & only Jang Keun Suk.


    He’s so brigther boss!

    Thanks nice tenshi!. zikzin <3<3

  4. If only to be welcome by him with that smile at the airport makes me wanne fly there right now…I hope at the time I’ll be making my trip to Korea he’s still there…because Sukkie is the one making me wanne visit Korea and for no other reason…
    ZIKZIN indeed…he’s full of thoughts…

  5. Thanks sis Kaori chan for posting this wonderful article here, and forever thank you sis Wen Lee for always translate between hearts.

    Sooo happy reading good news about our Prince, especially by Korean Media.

    I didn’t realize how much I miss JKS until he is totally gone zippp quiet for one week plus now without any updates or news from him. Miss him sooooo much….yahhhh!!!!! I can’t wait to see his smiling face.

    Just over a week missing Suk, I feel soo terrible already. What would I do when Sukkie serves 2 years in military?? I still don’t know how to cope with that reality yet..!!!!

    • O Kailey…don’t mention it…for my heart breaks when thinking of that inevitable moment. As you mention one week of non communication is making his eels already very restless even we know he needs his own moments but for us it’s starting to get unbearable…
      Before that luckily we have a lot to look forward to.
      Knowing Sukkie I’m sure he will have prepared a lot before leaving…I hope at least : )

  6. If I’d see this billboard, even if I didn’t know who JKS is, my reaction would totally be: “Heeelllloooo, handsome!”, wink, wink 🙂 Hahahahaha

  7. Thank you Tenshi Akuma & Wen Lee… two of the most selfless, loving and devoted Eels I know! Even if I should forget to say it sometimes, please know how much I appreciate your work, all you do for us @ ECI and all you do for our dear Prince, Jang Keun Suk.

    I think it is wonderful that this billboard greets visitors to Korea. I am sure there will be “traffic jams” of people taking photos under it. LOL And I think that he definitely has helped increase Korean tourism… which hopefully in turn helps the Korean economy. And yes, his influence has reached far beyond Korea, or even Asia. He already has fans all over the world, and when he invites them to Korea, he invites them to taste his culture, and to enjoy his “home.”

    And Jang Keun Suk has the fame to endorse so many products… why not, when so many people are listening and watching… promote his own? He’s a pretty smart guy, our Jang Keun Suk!

  8. This is a wonderful ad. I know he must be working very hard promoting his various activities. I am so sorry that his concert in the U.S.A. was postponed. I especially wanted him to see that smoking over here is not considered attractive or desirable and is banned in most public places. I just do not want his absolutely gorgeous voice ruined, and smoking will do it! On any trip to Asia, I will certainly take a detour to visit Korea. I’m working hard on my Korean so that I can understand his next drama as he speaks without using all those subtitles. Also, I am trying to spread his name among Koreans over here who seem oblivious to his existence. How can that be!!! I do wish him all the luck in the world. Dena, a fan from Seattle, U.S.A.

  9. it’s true I want to go to Korea because JKS, i want to see him personally..Soon I will be in Korea…

  10. The Ambassador Prince, you have always done good thing for your country. Modern Korean value, life, culture that you make the world community learn about them through your performances, your interviews, and everything. I have visited Korea for 7 times already and plan to visit small towns outside Seoul in the near future. Korean people that I met are very warm and very kind to visitors. I love Korea and would love to learn more about her and her people, especially through my Prince, JKS. Yours as always.

  11. I agree, Koreans are very warm and kind hearted people, I’ve stayed in Korea for 3 years and that was a long time ago, I miss the place and my friends as well. What I do is watch korean dramas and JKS is one that I admire the most. By the way, Love Rain is currently airing in our local television network and it’s doing good. I just couldn’t believe that it didn’t rate well in Korea. Although I’ve already watched it on-line for the nth time, still nice watching it in our language. Hope that all of you have a nice and wonderful day!!!

  12. Our prince is a really multi-talented celebrity. Through his dramas, songs, DJ performances, Zikzin shops and I’m sure more activities in the future, he is creating his own brand… the unique JKS brand to the world. Well done my boy 🙂

  13. I can’t wait to have JKS welcome me at the airport this September when I visit Korea. I been to Korea once many years ago, and I must admit I did not like it then, but now with Geun Suk I know I will love it, I will visit the Nami Island where Geun Young and him enjoying their time in MMM, love you Geun Suk, hope to feel your present in Korea

  14. hai tenshi..wat hapnd 2 jks?no tweets r fb posts since fw days..is he alright.?? Is he using nly line dese days..can someone create line blog here n translate his msgs so dat we can get updates frm hm personally pls pls..

    • Yes, I can only conclude that he is very busy. Even if he is taking a short vacation (which would be good), a few pictures would be very welcome. Heretofore, my interest in Korea was just historical spots and the language. Now I will enjoy a jaunt around Seoul. Again, I wish him all the luck in the world on his upcoming TV drama. Dena, a fan from Seattle, U.S.A.


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