[Just for fun] JKS well-suited to act role of vampire?

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The resemblance of JKS’ pose in a magazine picture to a scene and character Kaname Kuran from manga anime “Vampire Knight” has been pointed out, leading some eels to comment that JKS is actually quite well-suited to play the role of a vampire, whether be it in “Twilight” or “Vampire Knight”.

Only having been forced by my sister to sit through a “Twilight” movie (without any background, it took me half the movie to figure out who the male lead is), I do agree that JKS will look great as a dashing and charismatic vampire, and I think the most common line he would hear from females is “Bite me!”

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15 thoughts on “[Just for fun] JKS well-suited to act role of vampire?”

  1. BITE ME!? :d

    But not Twilight please, I don’t want to have ot sit through it just because of JGS; “Vampire knights” sounds better!

  2. I think i’ve recognize whos comment is that kekeke… i dont know why while i read the twilght tetralogy,all i could imagine was JKS character.and for me it was way better that robert pattinson.anyway thx for the pict.it helps me alot for my next reading.btw yes please do BITE ME …lol

  3. Nice thought! I considered it as well when I saw one of his pics a while ago, he’s so shiny and beautiful he sort of matches the whole twilight vampire role.. however I agree with what Sweety says I don’t want to have to sit through twilight again just because of him…*sigh* who am I kidding? I’d still support him 🙂 haha

  4. his main poster in codes combine haiker ad, the one wearing grey top with hood, with magnificent eyeliner, really looks like a sexy, handsome, cool and mysterious vampire…. oh… he’s just wayyyyyyyyyyyy too beautful compared to other guys….

  5. i want him to be a cute vampire, we never saw this kind of vampire before, right?!. so he should be loved by human and animals, they all are willing to give him their blood, and chasing him all the way and keep saying: Bite me!!!! xD

    • Yup im hoping for that as well.and wait for it to come true patiently… though i like it in a mysterious one.coz its kinda wierd to watch cute vampire that chased by human to give their blood :p

  6. Choosing between Edward Cullen and Damon Salvatore (I’m a fan of Twilight and TVD) is already hard for me, and now Sukkie? I’d say why not! With his smile, more girls (from all ages) would really want to be turned into one. Bite me!!! LOL

  7. JKS, BITE ME too, please… kkkk…

    May I join in this discussion..
    There’s a vampire movie that I love, I don’t know why, but I just love watching it. The story is not so special but maybe because the vampire is so hot and sexy. Haha. I just can’t stop imagining JKS being a hot and sexy vampire, rrrrhhh..

    The vampire name is Lestat, he always around by women (human female and vampire female, fit with him, huh? kkk..) he is also a singer of a vampire band (hm, I doubt JKS would like to play another singer role one more time?)

    oh, yes, there’s also Aliyah (the late singer who died in accident not long after she finished working in this movie) played as the Queen of vampire.

    Oh .. the movie title is Queen of the Dammed (2002)

    • hi laila, thanks for introducing another vampire movie ^^
      being only an occasional movie-goer, i was reading up on the plot synopsis of Queen of the Damned at wikipedia ….
      interesting that this movie was rated “rotten” by film critics and yet was a box office success ….

      …. they even have a vampire band? that’s novel. i think JKS likes anything to do with music … not to mention that this would be a totally “fresh” angle of a vampire lead singer ….lol~
      if only someone can invite him to star in a vampire movie … would really love to see JKS in such a role ….

      p.s. is this a horror movie? (cos of so much blood-drinking mentioned, ugh … ) i avoid horror movies at all costs!

      • @aphrael77
        well, I don’t know, this movie categories in horror or not, but for sure, yes, there are bloods.

  8. I watched Interview With The Vampire but haven’t manage to find Queen of the Damned yet. BUT I don’t really consider it horror…Anne Rice is a brilliant storyteller… Some consider is the first to popularize the genre…Ms.Rice wrote Interview back in 1973 and was published in 1976.

    The 2nd movie is a combination of book 2&3 but totally changed of storyline from the books

    I do agree JKS look like Vampire Knight come alive..♥♥♥


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