7 thoughts on “[Update] Malaysia FM ticket sales postponed”

  1. Hi Yukie

    Thank you for your email and support towards Rhythm Land & The 2011 Jang
    Keun Suk CRI Show in Malaysia event.

    We are currently finalizing all the details of the packages that we can
    offer for you to have a good time during the showcase. Once, there’s
    update, we will update you again.

    Thank you once again & apologize for all the inconvenient caused.

    Rhythm Land

    P.S: Stay tune with our Facebook & Twitter for further updates!

    Please tell me how to get two platinum VIP tickets.


  2. Pepi & Yukie,

    Everyone is asking how to buy tickets. All we can do now is to follow Rhythm Land on Facebook, and they will update the news there. Let’s give them a bit more time ^^

  3. Hey guys…….. really very dissapointed cannot buy the ticket after so long waiting for the day to come. Any one knows due to what reason and when tickets will be sold?

    • the only reason is that the Malaysian organizer has not worked out all the organisational details …. no comments from me on that …. we wait for news from them on Facebook.


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