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Source: KJNET
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Chinese translation: Huahua 花花
English translation: Aphrael77

A message from JKS:

Hi everyone! I’m Jang Keun Suk sending my regards from Seoul. I wish to convey my consolation to people who have suffered from the earthquake. Hope that post-disaster re-building can be smoothly executed… Gambateh!!! Japan… !!!

张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC]大家好!我是从首尔给大家发来问候的张根硕.想对在地震中受到伤害的人们转达我的安慰.祝灾后重建工作顺利进行.大家加油…干吧爹!!!日本….!!!by-张根硕.

22 thoughts on “[Message] From JKS”

  1. Annyeong haseo,
    real of Sukkie.. and still concern to Japan .. really kind of person .. ^^
    it make me more like you …,
    naneun dangsineul joahaeyo, oppa .. ^___^


    • Hi,

      Of course u can re-post it, this is meant to be shared amongst all eels ^^

      by the way, in response to that comment on your site … there is no doubt that the Korean message is really hand-written by JKS.
      His signature at the end of the message should prove that

      • A hand-written note really shows his sincerity. He really is a very kind and gentle-hearted man. Yes, as a faithful eel, I recognize his handwriting and his signature. This is JKS, our prince !!

  2. 자라면서 보여지는 모습의 뿌듯함 보다…앞으로 보여질 모습에 기대감을 갖게하는 배우..장근석..멋있습니다..
    장근석이란 사람을 사랑하는 모든 이들이 매일 매일 그 날의 두배만큼 늘어나길 바라면서, 당신의 노력과 열정과 사랑의 결실을
    나도 배우고 싶답니다…내 아이도 당신의 보여지는 모습도 물론 닮기를 바라지만, 열심히 살아가는 모습과 공부하는 모습을 너무도 닮길 바랍니다..당신은 희망입니다^^
    이런 글을 여기 써도 되는 건지 모르지만…. 장근석…당신이란 배우가 좋은 사람 같아서 좋습니다..그저 좋습니다.
    병원과는 멀리 지내시기를 바라구요. 조금 더 자주 화면으로라도 뵙기를 열망합니다.. 감사합니다…

  3. Love Suk, he is kind person.
    Hope Japanese overcome as soon as possible.
    Suk will go on his plans for single album and showcase…

  4. Woww JKS ‘s so sweetheart and really kind the person also … I hope his wishes come true for the Japan .
    He’s so lovely … we’re always support to him 4ever !
    Love you Jang Kuen Suk !

  5. m very proud dat m ur fan,u r really a kindhearted person.<3 you sukkie,JAPAN stay strong GOD is there to help you to cover the loss.we ppl in NEPAL are praying..

  6. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chi!!! How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?Don’t work hard too much(Unjinjanghada)naka.Please take care yourself for your fans.Chongmun kurivonhada&saranghaeyo,Hansang conkanghasaeyo,Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikeichibchio,Chaika,Saranghaeyo,love u jub jub.Please remember I’ll wait for your cri show at tae-kuk nara on songkran’s festival,come back to show for your fans again(Yaksukhada)naka.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)


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