[13.06.2013] Tree-J twitter

Actor Jang’s page has been opened on NAVER STARCAST. We’re going to show you his news through STARCAST from now ^^
네이버 스타캐스트에 장배우 페이지가 오픈되었습니다. 앞으로 장배우 소식을 스타캐스트를 통해서 많이 찾아뵈도록 할께요^^

3 thoughts on “[13.06.2013] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Hi Joanne

    You have to go through the following steps to get to his LINE account :
    1) Click on “more…” at the bottom right corner
    2) Select ” “Official Accounts”
    3) Scroll right to the bottom and click “select another country”
    4) Chose “United States” for english version then click “done”
    5) Find his name and click

    You have to repeat the above steps to select all the other languages :
    Korean, Japan, China/Hongkong, Taiwan

    Most of us install the above options as he sometimes has additional posts in only one version.
    (The English version tend to get updated the slowest)

    Take note that you will not be able to see previous past posts when you first install these.
    You will have to wait until his next post to see it.

    Good luck


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