[ENG-SUB] Radian Limited Friday_20130524

Finally I finished subbing! The Host, Yama-chan speaks very fast, so it was tough to insert subtitles in the video. But it was really fun to hear their talk. I posted some images below, but please watch this video first. Enjoy!

Audio Source credits: SogiTV804Marimo
English translation: tenshi_akuma

They played his songs below.
– Nature Boy
– Let me cry
– Indian Summer
– ByeByeBye
– Feel the beat
– Save me
– Turn Off

Below are the pictures he drew during the radio program.

14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Radian Limited Friday_20130524”

  1. literally crying from too much laughing..oh God that was hilarious!!! it’s so good to start my week filled with his humor..i so love the sound of his laughter,so contagious! and his drawings..the best!! hahahaha

    this must really be hard for you to sub Tenshi,they talked so fast,thank you so much for your hard work..you made my day!

  2. I only managed to watch abt 10 mins of this vid. Will check it out later when im home. Many thanks Kaori-chan. Ehat would we do without you?

  3. Thank you for always doing your best and giving time to help us understand.
    Really admire JKS more and more because through his tone and voice one can feel his sincere and honest communications from across. Even through his hearty laugh…
    Enjoyed watching this….because of the subs…

  4. Many thanks Kaori chan for the translation! Prince is funny as usual. At least we share one thing in common – we are a huge fan of Hyde!!

  5. Tenshi you are an angel..
    Thanks to you we get to enjoy Sukkies humor…he’s so funny and witty, LOL
    I like the host also; must be big fun if they would get together with Hyde…

  6. Arigatoh Tenshi san for the translation!
    Its amazing that the rapport between the DJ and JKS was so fantastic!
    Everything was really fast and JKS is able to be in sync throughout the show!
    JKS is just so amazing!
    Love this radio show, so hilarious, enjoying, sincere and entertaining etc…

  7. Tenshi Akuma, You are a hard-working girl. Translation was wonderful….really highlighted JKS’s delightful sense of humor. He’s a naturally, gifted conversationalist…..and we have to remember, he’s expressing himself brilliantly in a second language.
    Our Sukkie is an intelligent man with a gift for languages and the ability to converse naturally with people.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to everyone who enjoyed this glimpse into the World of Jang.

  8. Finally I watch this……..hahaha I’m rolling on the floor laughing at their exchange. The DJ was wonderful and JKS himself is amazing to keep it up with the very fast talking DJ. I love the way the DJ describe his drawing while he drawing those pictures…….hahaha….make us really want to see it. Marvelous radio show. Thanks so much Tenshi for diligently translating it for us. You’re the best Tenshi.

  9. Thank you Tenshi for the translation. It must’ve been very difficult and I wanna say that we really REALLY appreciate your hard work and all the time you put into this.

    It means a lot because, otherwise, non-Japanese and non-Korean speaking people wouldn’t be able to understand JKS and love him even more for what he is.

    Thank you, again and continue being the awesomest!



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